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SIBERIAN LARCH - Timber Cladding

Larch, Siberian Larix decidua, Larix europaea - Class 3, moderately durable softwood cladding, Kiln Dried

Product Format: 

  • 94mm x 18mm x 4M
  • Siberian Larch TGV
  • Kiln Dried
  • Timber cladding
  • Pack size - 0.38M2
  • Approx 3-4 week lead time
  • From time to time, due to availability, the board lenghts might change

Larch attains a height of 30m to 45m and a diameter of 1m or slightly more and in favourable situations with a long, clean, cylindrical bole for two-thirds of its length. Essentially a natural tree of the mountains, it requires long, really cold winters for its best development; it is deciduous, and appears to depend upon a long winter rest for the ripening of its wood.

The heartwood is pale reddish-brown to brick-red in colour, sharply defined from the narrow, lighter-coloured sapwood. It is a very resinous wood, with clearly marked annual rings, a straight grain, and a fine, uniform texture. It is rather heavy, weighing 590 kg/m3 when dried. Larch from Siberia or Alpine areas has the advantage of being very slow grown and is consequently denser, straight grained and less knotty. It is a very strong robust wood, and good quality timber can be relatively knot free although some knots can be “loose”. Better quality wood was traditionally used for boat building and the poorer for fencing. It is referred to as a small movement wood. It is rated as Class 3, moderately durable.

Kiln Dries fairly rapidly with an inclination to distort and for knots to split and loosen.

  • Strength - A hard tough timber, it is about 50 per cent harder than Scots pine and slightly stronger in bending and toughness; in other strength categories it is about the same as for Scots pine
  • Working Qualities - Medium
  • Durability - Class 3, Moderately Durable
  • Moisture Movement - Small
  • Density(mean,Kg/m3) - 550
  • Texture - Fine
  • Uses - Cladding, Trim
  • Colour - Reddish brown, pale
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timber cladding