Browse through our wide range of wood-related products – starting with softwood, mouldings, timber cladding, shiplap, ending with pelmet and cornice. Our timber products can be painted, stained, varnished or waxed – depending on your project needs. Our extensive offer includes items for builders, architects, designers or customers renovating. The variety of timber products will be perfect for any renovation projects or architectural designs. Visit one of our showrooms in Dublin Finglas & Ballymount or Tralee to find out more or talk to our Staff to get expert advice regarding timber products. Our Team will share their knowledge and help you with planning your new installation.

Softwood, Cladding & Shiplap, Mouldings, Timber

Noyeks - Timber Cladding - Softwood - Pao - Cornice - Shiplap


Softwood can be used across a wide range of projects including indoor and outdoor spaces. Our customers can install some new furniture units, build some extra interior walls, do landscaping around their homes or complete a construction framing with softwood or use our top-quality PAO boards. These environmentally friendly products are also quite affordable so don't hesitate and contact our Team for more details!

Timber & Composite Cladding

Timber and composite cladding offer an ideal solution for covering exteriors or external walls, combining a beautiful and distinctive appearance with enduring durability and weather resistance. Choose from a variety of timber cladding options, including Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar, Charred or Douglas Fir, and WPC Cube cladding, all of which are ecological and sustainable. Shiplap, a type of cladding board, finds common use in constructing sheds, barns, summer houses, or even pigeon lofts. Consider enhancing your space with the addition of cedar wood planks for a timeless and resilient finish. Wooden cladding is a lightweight and natural product that can improve your outdoor design. Our cladding provides protective and decorative functions and it complements both classic and contemporary projects while providing thermal and sound insulation. Timber cladding is a very practical choice - it is cost-effective, durable, quick to install and can be enhanced by preservative treatment, flame retardants or surface coating. Cladding panels leave a low carbon footprint as they require less energy to manufacture and timber as a resource is renewable.


Shiplap is a type of cladding board that can be installed horizontally or vertically. The shape of shiplap makes it possible to overlap and easy to put up. It brings warmth and simply beautiful natural wood looks to all projects. Shiplap planks can be used to cover exterior walls, ceilings, garages, sheds or even in your living spaces.


Mouldings are used as features or as covers for the gaps between walls, ceilings or door frames. Wooden profiles give a high-end finish to your interior. Our mouldings are ready to be stained, painted or varnished - so decorate and personalise them to fit in with your decor! Timber mouldings from Noyeks Newmans come in a variety of shapes and sizes - pick yours now!

Pelmet & Cornice

Cornice is a wooden element to be installed on the top edge of kitchen cabinets. It is ideal for customisation or for adding to your bespoke kitchen. It enhances the look and aesthetics of your design. The pelmet is smaller and goes on the bottom of your cabinet. Our pelmet products, besides decorative functions, can be used as an under-cabinet light cover. Pelmet profiles make cabinets visually longer and complement the overall personalised look of your kitchen. New cornice and pelmet can add some beautiful detailing to your design, so browse through our range, get inspired and contact us now!


We offer a wide range of oils for timber products, including wood oils, wood stains, and wood finishing oils for both renovation and maintenance purposes. Explore our selection of Rubio Monocoat products, such as Tanin Primer and Tanin Remover, or Durogrit UV Protection Oil. Whether you need a product for internal or external use, we've got you covered!