Discover top-tier MDF sheets that boast high-quality properties such as, offering exterior resilience, moisture resistance, flame retardancy, and unparalleled durability. MDF boards, including the unique features that allow them to meet various performance requirements, from standard to high performance. Noyeks Newmans proudly provides an extensive selection of MDF boards, catering to diverse needs such as standard MDF, moisture-resistant MR MDF, fire-retardant FR MDF, core-colored versions, or those with no added formaldehyde. Complying with international standards in formaldehyde emission and fire-retardant properties, our MDF boards are ideal for interior design, furniture manufacturing, or construction projects. For detailed information, explore our website and connect with our sales team to inquire about prices, availability, or expert advice on MDF sheet materials. Visit our panel centres in Dublin Finglas & Ballymount or Tralee to learn more about our timber sheet materials!

MDF - Medium-density fibreboards

Veneered MDF Sheets

Veneered MDF boards combine the exceptional properties of both MDF and veneer. The MDF core ensures durability and affordability, while the veneer provides an authentic wood texture and appearance. Explore our extensive selection to choose the ideal style, color, and veneer MDF thickness that suits your preferences and design needs.

Decorative MDF Boards

Upgrade your space with decorative MDF. Our wide range has selections such as Fibrapan TEX EZ, an innovative range of decorative MDF boards featuring various textures and colours, allowing for versatile applications in interior design and commercial spaces. These MDF sheets are available in raw MDF and boast a compact surface, ideal for diverse varnishing or painting techniques. This makes them ideal for projects such as stands, interior elements, and furniture. The realistic textures simplify cutting, machining, or panelling, ensuring ease of use in different applications. .

Melamine MDF Sheets

Discover Melamine MDF for your next home improvement project. Melamine board is the perfect building material for designers, architects, planners and even trade professionals. The Melamine MDF boards are ideal for residential and commercial projects, such as kitchens, bedrooms or furniture pieces. Check out our large selection of melamine sheets in a variety of colours and textures such as, melamine mdf white, mdf black, mdf grey, or even mdf wood finish.

Moisture Resistant MDF Sheets

Explore the durability of Moisture-resistant MDF, perfect for exterior projects like the award-winning Tricoya Extreme from Medite. With its moisture-resistant properties, these boards can endure diverse climates, making them an excellent choice for your next project. Discover more about Moister Resistant MDF and its many applications, such as moisture-resistant MDF panelling.

Flame Retardant MDF Boards

Flame Retardant MDF boards are high-quality, medium-density MDF boards with a hard, fine and smoothly sanded surface. These boards meet environmental standards, with low formaldehyde emission and are coloured red for easy identification. Ideal for non-load-bearing applications in dry conditions, these are excellent for minimizing the spread of flame and smoke. Browse our selection online, including the wide range of Medite or Spanolux-certified MDF boards.