TEKA - Engineered Wood Flooring

Discover our superior range of TEKA PARQUET ENGINEERED WOOD FLOORING. Teka is recognized as an innovative engineered flooring manufacturer with wide range of floors marketed globally. Browse through our website below or visit one of our showrooms in Dublin Finglas & Ballymount or Tralee to find out more!

Why choose TEKA Engineered Wood Flooring ?

  • Raw quality material - TEKA sources its German and French White Oak from their own subsidiary located in Germany ( the best quality material )
  • Platform & construction - TEKA uses a superior solid hardwood lumber construction ( limited shrinking and expanding of your floor )

Engineered Wood Flooring - Noyeks Newmans

  • Sawn face layer - TEKA uses high precision sawing in order to get a face layer ( this process provides lower risk of de-lamination or adhesion failures )
  • Carbonizing - TEKA uses carbonizing / fuming treatments through the entire face layer ( no lighter colour will come through in case your scratch the floor )

Engineered Wood Flooring - Parquet Planks

Engineered wood floors from Teka are based on European Oaks, manufactured using state-of-the-art production methods, decades of experience and the flexibility to create combined wood floors that are unique. These semi-solid wood floors provide more stability and are often recommended for underfloor heating. Raw and wisely picked materials used in production ensures the high quality of a product. Because of used methods of carbonising and fuming - that treatment changes the structural colour of the wood and it is going through the entire face layer which prevents visible scratches.

Engineered Wood Floors - Wooden Planks

Engineered wood flooring offers a wide range of styles, finishes, and wood species to choose from, enabling individuals to achieve their desired aesthetic while enjoying the benefits of a sustainable and eco-friendly flooring option.