3D Showroom

3D Virtual Tour

Take a 360 virtual tour of our Showroom in Dublin Ballymount, Finglas or Tralee. Discover beautiful kitchen displays, amazing wood flooring collections, modern or classic internal doors for residential and commercial areas, top-quality sinks and taps, high-end kitchen appliances... and more! Enjoy the tour from the comfort of your own home - use any device like a mobile phone, computer, or tablet. Navigate the view by clicking arrows on the floor and freely explore our Showrooms! We also invite you to visit the closest Showroom to get advice directly from our experienced Staff!


Browse through the 3D Virtual Tour of our Showroom in Ballymount to see what our products and services can bring to your residential or commercial projects. Enjoy all retail and trade displays on both levels! Take a closer look at kitchens and start planning your trip to Ballymount to start the designing process! Don`t forget to virtually visit our other premises too!


Discover new products and displays in our newly renovated Showroom in Finglas. Discover the best timber-related products or visit our Store and meet the most creative Kitchen Design Team in Ireland. Walk around to see changes from the last time you visited and get new inspirations for your upcoming DIY projects. Enjoy an online experience before you decide to plan a trip to visit us personally!


Discover our new Architectural Showroom in Finglas. that was designed to inspire and influence interior designers, architects, contractors, and builders. Discover the state-of-the-art facilities along with the best timber-related products on the market. The Showroom is available by appointment only.


Walk around our Showroom in Tralee using the new 3D Virtual Tour. Move through the space with a full 360° view, or zoom in & out on anything you like! Be our guest and explore for as long as you want to catch details that you can use in your own house! Also, visit us and talk to our staff who are happy to advise and offer solutions to all your residential or commercial projects.