Noyeks Newmans supplies a wide range of high-quality Spanolux MDF boards. Choose between a standard MDF board, moisture or fire-retardant, pick a core coloured version, or with no added formaldehyde. Spanolux boards comply with International standards in terms of formaldehyde emission and fire retardant properties. Spanolux sheet materials can be used in interior design, furniture manufacturing or construction. Contact our team to find out more about Spanolux Medium Density Fibreboard sheet materials.

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Medium Density Fibreboards From Spanolux

We supply MDF (Medium Density Fibreboards) sheets which are perfect for industrial processing and interior applications. Browse through our website and discover moisture-resistant, primed, lightweight, fire-retardant, ready-to-paint MDF boards in a variety of thicknesses and colours. Spanolux proudly cares about the environment and all of the sustainability aspects. They are committed to keeping wood in circulation for as long as possible before converting it into renewable energy and increasing the area of certified forests worldwide. 

Spanolux's MDF boards offer a range of benefits, including consistency in quality and performance, versatility in design, and sustainability. With a range of products to suit different applications, Spanolux is a trusted brand for MDF boards in the furniture, construction, and interior design industries.