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Wood Flooring - FAQ

Laminate floors are available in 8-14mm thicknesses. If you are aiming for a real hardwood feel we recommend picking 10-14mm thicknesses. These provide better acoustics, have improved impact resistance and can fit commercial areas with heavier traffic. If your subfloor is nicely levelled and you are looking for a cost-effective solution then pick the 8mm thickness for your hallway, living room or bedroom.
8mm laminate flooring is one of the most popular and affordable choices - this thickness is just enough to overcome any floor imperfections and create a sleek wood flooring look. It provides durability, strength and it's easy to install. It is a great solution for residential spaces like hallways, living rooms, bedrooms or low traffic commercial spaces.
The best laminate floors to buy are made by trusted manufacturers like Swisskrono. Laminate floors from Swisskrono are supplied by Noyeks Newmans.
The main difference is the raw material - vinyl is synthetic and laminate is made of wooden materials and particles. Advantages of vinyl are water resistance, high durability and easy maintenance when laminate flooring is characterised by a more realistic wood look, high AC ratings and impressive scratch and impact resistance.
Our laminate floors have AC4 and AC5 ratings which makes them ideal for busy commercial spaces like schools, offices, retail stores, cafes, restaurants and demanding residential areas. Our selection of laminate flooring is available here.
In general - if the room is wider than longer vertical arrangement can help to create an illusion of length in the room. In most cases, it should be laid parallel to the longest wall in the room. Some professionals recommend to can lay it in the same direction as the natural light source.
Noyeks Newmans has a variety of choices within the laminate flooring range of products on offer. Our laminate planks vary in width from 191mm to 244mm wide and there are plenty of designs to pick from.
It is flooring for heavy residential or moderate commercial spaces. It is the highest level on a scale for residential usage. It is considered a good fit for hotel rooms or small offices.
It is flooring for general commercial usage. Laminate floors with this rating will fit perfectly in offices, salons, boutiques, cafes. It can still be used in residential projects as well.
It is the highest level of durability for laminate flooring. Laminate floors with this rating are the perfect fit for busy commercial spaces such as restaurants, showrooms, stores or public buildings.
10mm laminate flooring will be ideal for a bedroom, hallway or living room. Browse through our wide range of wood flooring from Swisskrono.
12mm laminate flooring is suitable for heavy domestic and light commercial use such as bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, pantry or offices.
14mm laminate flooring is extremely durable - you can place it in commercial indoor areas such as stores, showrooms, restaurants or bars and of course all residential projects.
The thicker laminate boards have more of a real wood feel. Thicker planks will improve acoustics, have higher durability and are easy to install too.
Yes - foam underlay is necessary for your flooring to protect it, give it stability and improve noise reduction. We offer Swisskrono Foam Underlay called ProVent, it also prevents building up of moisture beneath the floor.
Yes, we offer samples for Swisskrono - pick a type that you are interested in and request a sample by filling out a form on the product site. A small shipping fee may apply (refundable on order).
Our underlay from Swisskrono, Provent, is 3mm thick. This means it works with all thickness laminate. Thinner underlay won’t be sufficient for 14mm laminate and thicker will not be suitable for thinner laminate as the excessive movement could damage the floor.
Yes - the new product from Swisskrono - herringbone laminate flooring - has been introduced recently and we have it available in our offer.
Noyeks Newmans offers a wide range of laminate floors from Swisskrono - regular planks from 8mm to 14mm width and a new addition - herringbone laminate flooring.
When completing an order with Noyeks Newmans we can recommend a trusted fitter for you. Visit our website, pick your new floor and contact us with any questions.
Some of our Swisskrono laminate floors feature the Aquastop technology (up to 72hours of resistance!). Check the range of colours and designs.
Solid wood flooring is made of piece of timber - the most popular are oak, maple, or walnut. The biggest advantage of this type of flooring is the ability to change the finish and sand it many times throughout its lifespan.
Yes, sanding your floor will even it out, flatten out any imperfections and it allows you to put a new finishing layer on the top (paint, varnish or hardwax oil).
An engineered wood floor is made of bonded layers of plywood and finished with a solid wood layer on the top. It is one of the most popular flooring types because of its great durability, easy care and maintenance and natural wood look. Another advantage of engineered wood floor is the ability to install with an underfloor heating system.
No - underlay for some vinyl floors needs to be high compressive as the flooring itself is soft and flexible on the top. Most of them don't need any underlay.
Vinyl flooring is the most durable, water-resistant and it has a long lifespan. Laminate has a stylish appearance, it is cost-effective and provides a comfortable feel underfoot.
A waterproof floor will withstand a water spill while a water-resistant floor will only hold a spill for a short amount of time as only the top layer of it is highly resistant to moisture.
Herringbone floors are timeless and offer multiple colours and designs options, also recently herringbone floors became available in a laminate version! Check our suppliers - Teka, Yvyra and Swisskrono for a wide selection.
Chevron flooring creates V shapes across the surface because of boards being cut under 45 degrees angle. Our two suppliers - Swisskrono and Krugers are providing us with beautiful designs of that new type of boards.
Noyeks Newmans supplies Swisskrono floors in many colours, textures and widths such as 14mm, 12mm, 10mm and 8mm.
Noyeks Newmans offer, supply and deliver top quality laminate flooring nationwide. New designs and extensive ranges of different widths and board lengths makes our offer attractive to our customers, developers, architects and designers.
Here at Noyeks, we offer Swisskrono laminate flooring and matching stairnosing. Complement your interiors by choosing a matching design.
If you are an architect, designer, builder or trade representative contact us for amazing deals! Bigger amounts for a smaller price!

Kitchens - FAQ

You don't have to buy a full kitchen - you can order just kitchen doors, a worktop or accessories. Contact our Sales Team.
Yes, we supply built-in kitchen appliances from manufacturers like Elica, NordMende, De Dietrich, Neff, Whirlpool or Hotpoint.
We recommend booking appointments in advance. It is also possible to walk into our showrooms and ask for a kitchen design appointment but we cannot guarantee to hold them on the same day. Please fill in this form here.
Our Design Team will advise you on the price after getting more details but our kitchens range from affordable to premium. Prices vary depending on the material that doors are made of, added appliances or a chosen worktop, sink and tap.
We are passionate about what we do - we know products that we supply and we want to create projects that our customers love! We combine our knowledge, experience and ideas with the vision of our customers to come up with bespoke kitchens, room transformations and beautiful DIY projects. We specialise in timber products, flooring and kitchens - visit our Showrooms to see our products and talk to our Team.
We design and supply custom made kitchens. If you are looking for a bespoke kitchen we can help - contact our Kitchen Design Team for more details.
Yes, we sell instant boiling water taps online or in our stores. Our suppliers Franke and Blanco offer the newest solutions, including the taps that run hot, cold and instant boiled water.
Yes, you can - while going through the design process just mention it to our Design Team - they will be able to help!
Yes - we offer laminate worktops from our well-trusted suppliers: Duropal, Omega or TopForm. We also have SmartArt laminate panels. Check our decors, colours and textures. Solid wood worktops are definitely worth considering - a beautiful and eco-friendly timber surface to warm up your kitchen design! These tops require oiling every 6 months to keep their timeless looks and durability! We also offer amazing quartz worktops which can be seen here.
We have 3 showrooms in Ireland: two of them based in Dublin - Finglas and Ballymount and the third one is in Tralee, County Kerry. Don't hesitate to visit us - directions and locations of our Showrooms here.
We have our website landing pages divided by suppliers to browse and you can also find online brochures.
It is a unique proposition just for you - custom made cabinets, custom sizes and project dimensions, crafted and made to your needs. Talk to our Kitchen Design Team, browse through our website and create a kitchen that nobody else has! Our selection of kitchen doors here.
Yes - you can. Measure your carcasses and book a consultation with our Kitchen Design Team. You can find our range of kitchen doors here.
Browse our website to get to know our kitchens collection, solutions and offerings. Measure your kitchen, use our kitchen planner that you can download by clicking on the banner on our kitchen door website. Book an appointment with our Kitchen Design Team, so they can guide you through the rest of the process.
We offer a fully covered kitchen design process, we provide nationwide delivery but for fitting services, we can recommend a third-party contractor on purchase (if required).
Focus on using every centimetre of your space - measure it properly and give the dimensions to our Kitchen Designer. Focus on bright colours to visually make your kitchen bigger, let in some natural light or add some led lights where possible. Install smart solutions, pick a glossy worktop, glass doors and integrate your kitchen appliances if the design allows. These tricks allow you to use the space wisely and make a small kitchen an enjoyable room! Browse through our range.
Before you start the designing process, look for inspiration and ideas so you can tell your designer what you need at the very beginning. Depending on the layout of your kitchen - think about: bright or glossy kitchen doors to visually make your kitchen bigger, pick contrasting appliances or decorations and keep your surfaces neat. If the space allows, install a kitchen island as an extended worktop surface and play with colours - or different and contrary colours for the main doors? If you need more tips don't hesitate to contact our Kitchen Design Team to start a journey to your own dream kitchen!
If you have a large space available for your new kitchen then try to organise it - it is necessary to keep important kitchen appliances close to each other for smooth operation, cooking, baking. You can ask your designer about new solutions like air venting extractors or placing an extra sink on the kitchen island. You can pick painted or matt kitchen doors, a bespoke quartz worktop, appliances that you need and add some decorations. Try to elevate your space, add some shelving on walls, bar chairs, pedant lights or install open cabinets. For more ask our Kitchen Design Team.

Internal Doors - FAQ

Most of our internal doors are available in a wide range of sizes: 78 X 24, 78 X 26, 78 X 28, 78 X 30, 80 X 32, 80 X 34. We do also sell metric interior doors.
Yes, you can pick door handles that suit your interior. Our full selection of door knobs and handles offer nice products.
Remove excess dust and clean your doors with warm soap water. Wipe them off with a cloth or paper towels afterward.
You can install fire doors in your house for safety reasons. In certain commercial and public spaces, fire doors are required due to regulations.
If you want to make your space look bigger then glazed doors are the perfect choice! Glazed doors reflect or let the light in. Check our range here.
Certain doors are suitable to be used as a double door installation - This setup requires t-lipping to be used.
Currently available (depending on door model): 5mm clear toughened glass, 4mm toughened glass, opal glass, clear glass, obscure glass, frosted glass, opal laminate glass.
FD30 stands for Fire Doors which can resist fire for up to 30 minutes.
FD60 stands for Fire Doors which can resist fire for up to 60 minutes.
Currently available colours are: black, white, silk grey, mist grey, midnight grey, winter white, oak, walnut, beige, charcoal, ash.
You should paint your doors before installation - you can easily make sure that the whole door surface is covered.
We don't recommend using internal doors externally - there is a high chance that internal doors won't be as resistant to water or temperature changes.
It is a very individual choice - internal doors can be treated as a part of a design. You can pick matching doors for the whole house or complement particular rooms.

Decking - FAQ

Decking maintenance is minimal - try to brush leaves regularly to prevent moss or grime build-up. Once a year use mild detergent and pressure wash your deck with low pressure. Make sure to move garden furniture and place your plants on the stands to allow air circulation.
Noyeks Newmans sells grey decking available in the BPC, WPC or Exterpark ranges.
Yes, our decking boards are reversible. Some of them have dual colours and you can choose a pattern (grooves or flat).
We advise putting all pots in the planters on raised surfaces like tables or designated pots on legs. That will prevent long-term moisture and grime trapping on your deck.
Yes - we have an online article about our range of decking on the House and Home website - link here.
Noyeks has a few types of decking on offer: Bamboo Polymer Composite, Wood Polymer Composite, Timber decking or Exterpark WPC.
You can but it requires sweeping the deck and protecting surrounding areas first. Open the pressure washer nozzle as wide as possible and test its strength on the side of your deck to make sure you won't damage it. If you are cleaning your timber decking try to make sweeping motions with the grain of the wood.
Browse through our selection of decking, pick the product that you are interested in and fill-up the form under "Get an online quote" button. Our selection of decking.
With timber decking, gaps allow the wood to expand and channel away water excess. In the case of BPC and WPC gaps are just to allow water to drop down. With Exterpark gaps are reduced to a minimum (patented technology called INVISIBLE PROFILE®) but still allow excess water to channel away from the surface.
Currently, our garden decking is available in the following colours: ebony, silver, dark grey, walnut & teak, dove grey, wenge brown, charcoal, cream, grey, ipe, snow, teak and brown.
Composite decking is a product that doesn't need to be painted or stained. The only maintenance required is brushing and pressure washing it from time to time to get rid of grime or moss.
WPC has different product features than timber decking. It will differ in durability, way of installing and pricing. If you are looking for a natural product then timber should be your choice. For more demanding conditions and a longer life span, you should consider WPC.
We offer samples on our WPC decking selection - please visit our website, pick a design that you like and fill up the form.
You can use WPC, BPC or Exterpark WPC around your pool - all of these decking products are easy to maintain, safe to walk on (high slip resistance) and are fully tinted and weatherproof.
Timber decking is a renewable and carbon-friendly material. When it reaches its like span it can be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Wood decking can be repurposed for alternative use as a DIY project.
Timber decking is a renewable and carbon-friendly material. When it reaches its like span it can be disposed in an eco-friendly manner. Wood decking can be repurposed for alternative use as a DIY project.

Sheet Materials - FAQ

Plywood is made from thin wood veneers glued and pressed together. It offers a variety of patterns and textures, combining the natural characteristics of wood with strength and durability. Plywood has a strong resemblance to a real wood look and can be used for building furniture like beds, dressers, desks, tabletop, chairs or benches.
Oriented Strand Board (OSB boards) can be used as sub-floors, walls or roof sheathing. Some OSB types are weather-resistant so can be used in exterior projects like workshops. These boards are often used as a part of furniture and cabinetry (wardrobes and drawers). Advantages of OSB boards are large sheet sizes of boards that can reach from floor to ceiling - that means fewer seams and easier installation.
Moisture Resistant MDF (MR MDF) is a panel designed for humid conditions. It is the ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, skirting boards, architectural mouldings, flooring and window boards. It is suitable for further processing like painting, laminating, veneering and foiling.
Birch plywood is mostly used for: small construction projects, home improvements, furniture production, structural/industrial applications, floors subjected to heavy wear, musical instruments or sports equipment.
Oriented Strand Boards are mainly used for site hoarding, sub-flooring, wall panelling, loft boarding, timber framing, commercial and industrial buildings. Hoarding boards are usually found in shopping centers or outside a building where a new shop opens. The boards will serve as temporary fencing on construction sites, providing information and preventing access.
Pros of OSB boards: the sheets can be more affordable than plywood and are available in bigger sizes if needed. Cons of OSB sheets: need to be sealed to keep water resistance and it takes longer to dry them out.
Flame Retardant MDF (FR MDF) sheets are suitable for internal dry conditions where a Euroclass B flame retardant board is required under building certain regulations. FR MDF boards are mostly used in public areas such as offices, schools, hospitals, libraries, hotels or cinemas.
Yes - we supply LOSAN BENELUX - Hotán® Harmony Acoustic Panels in oak and walnut. These panels are available in a ready to mount form as pre-built panels of 2400mm height, 600mm width and 20mm thickness. The sheets can be attached to walls or ceilings with screws or glue. These decorative panels significantly improve acoustics by reducing up to 50% of noise in the room they are installed in. Recently, these timber products are also growing their popularity as a decorative element of interior design.
We provide top-quality protective screens. We offer: acrylic sheets, stands with protective screens in a variety of sizes and options - for desks, countertop, stands. These panels can be used in shops, schools, healthcare buildings, restaurants, hairdresser saloons, offices or canteens.
Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is sawdust and glue, fused together under pressure and heat. It is one of the most versatile products known on the market - it can be re-shaped, cut, painted with surface free of splinters. MDF is hard to flex, easy to paint, holds well on hinges and screws and it's lightweight too.
Sheet materials and panel products are one of the most popular options for DIY customers, joiners and carpenters. These products can be used for making furniture, wall panelling, loft renovations. Architects, builders, contractors and developers use them in internal projects.

*DISCLAIMER: Please note Noyeks Ltd cannot accept any responsibility under any circumstances for any loss incurred as a result of the know-how advice offered in good faith. At all times Noyeks Ltd., recommend that you use a suitably qualified and registered individual to complete the required works ie Carpenter, Flooring installer, Decking Installer, Electrician, Plumber, Gas installer, Builder etc… the advice we offer is purely a guide to help you understand more what is needed to be done by a suitable professional employed by you.