Discover high-quality, exterior, moisture-resistant, flame-retardant, durable and purpose-made MEDITE MDF sheets. MEDITE is one of the most recognised suppliers of Medium Density Fibreboards in Europe. One of the unique features of Medite MDF boards is their ability to meet various performance requirements, from standard to high performance. Browse through our website, learn more about MDF sheet materials we supply and ask our sales team for an online quote, prices, availability or expert advice!

A Comprehensive Range of MDF Boards

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  • MEDITE LITE MR - Moisture Resistant MDF
  • MEDITE OPTIMA - Moisture Resistant MDF
  • MEDITE MR PLUS - White Primed Moisture Resistant MDF
  • MEDITE PREMIER FR - Flame Retardant MDF
  • MEDITE PREMIER - Multipurpose MDF
  • MEDITE MR - Moisture Resistant MDF
  • MEDITE CLEAR - Zero Added Formaldehyde MDF
  • MEDITE VENT - Breathable MDF
  • MEDITE INDUSTRIAL MR - Moisture Resistant MDF
  • MEDITE LITE - General Purpose MDF

MDF Boards From Medite

Medite Tricoya Extreme is a really durable MDF board mostly picked by architects, specifiers and designers as an entirely new and outstanding construction material. Lightweight, durable and flexible material allows endless opportunities for creativity. Medite ensures that its product not only increased dimensional stability but they used sustainable raw materials in a process of production.

Medite Premier FR sheets are specifically dedicated to fire-rated applications and interiors. They can be installed as display panels, ceilings, wall linings or partitions. They are widely used in commercial spaces like hotels, schools, offices, hospitals, cinemas and many more. They are only suitable for indoor use or spaces with exposure to water or high humidity. Depending on the model chosen the fire resistance performance is 30 or 60 minutes.

Medite MR is a moisture-resistant MDF panel designed to be used in humid conditions. It is a great choice for kitchen or bathroom installations like furniture, window frames or skirting boards and architectural mouldings. These boards are designated to be used only in indoor projects and they can be treated as a substitute for softwood and hardwood.

Medite Exterior serves as a versatile alternative to softwood, hardwood, plastic, or metal in various exterior applications, including outdoor paneling. To ensure optimal performance, the boards require thorough sealing on all surfaces and edges, followed by sanding before painting. Suitable for garden furniture, shop fronts, door parts, signs, display stands, and more, Medite Exterior has demonstrated its resilience against extreme weather conditions through an extensive program of exposure tests. Consider it for your exterior wall panels and other outdoor projects, delivering both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Medite Clear is an environmentally friendly product with zero added formaldehyde. It can be used in installations in sensitive areas such as museums, laboratories, art galleries, nursing homes, hospitals or schools. It is suitable for use in indoor dry conditions. Boards have a smooth surface and light tan colour of the wood fibre from which it is manufactured.

Medite Vent is a structural sheathing panel made to use in humid conditions. It has high performance as a breathable board and it is suitable for timber frame structures. It is characterised by strength, weather resistance and vapour permeability. This board is contributing to a healthy environment as there is zero added formaldehyde in the manufacturing process.

Medite Industrial tailored for indoor installations in humid conditions, boasts an extra smooth surface, offering full customizability for industrial use. These moisture-resistant MDF panels, essential for areas prone to humidity, require sealing, priming, and painting before installation. Versatile applications include furniture, flooring, bathroom or kitchen panels, window boards, skirting boards, or architraves. Notably, Industrial boards maintain the natural light tan color of the wood fiber. Consider them for waterproof bathroom wall panels, combining functionality with a customizable design for a seamless fit in any space.