Mood Boards

Looking for inspiration on your next home, office, public or commercial area improvement project? Look no further than Noyeks' mood boards. Whether you're looking for decking inspiration, kitchen inspiration or panel product inspiration, we have all your design ideas covered!

"To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible!"


Deciding on the perfect style for your kitchen can be a challenging task. With our broad selection of kitchen mood boards featuring an array of styles and colours, the dilemma of choosing the right fit fades away. Explore our white kitchen mood boards, contemporary kitchen inspirations, shaker kitchen ideas, classic kitchen themes, and modern kitchen designs. Let our kitchen mood boards simplify the decision-making process, offering you inspiration and guidance for your ideal kitchen aesthetic.

Floors & Doors

Selecting the ideal floors and doors for your space can feel like a challenging task. Explore our mood boards for flooring and doors, offering inspiration for diverse themes such as timeless classics, contemporary designs, rustic design, and modern design. Our mood boards are guaranteed to provide you with the perfect ideas and inspiration for achieving the ideal look for your floors and doors.

Decks & Outdoors

When it comes to designing your outdoor space, it's easy to not know where to start, but with Noyeks' outdoor mood board, upgrading your space has never been easier. See how we suggest styling our composite decking, timber decking, wall cladding, outdoor furniture and more!

Panel Products

Choosing how to use or style panel products can be difficult. With our wide range of panel products in a variety of styles and colours, knowing which is the right fit can be daunting. Our panel mood boards take out the difficulty of styling and give you interior design inspiration.

Furniture & Storage Solutions

Choosing the right storage solutions for your home can be overwhelming. With our extensive range of storage solutions, like our corner and ladder units, you're guaranteed to save kitchen space. Check out our storage solution mood boards showcasing very different offerings and styles. Explore minimalist, modern and classic storage inspirations that are suitable for any home design. Let our mood boards guide and inspire you!