Cargo Bins

Are you looking for smart storage or waste solutions for your bespoke kitchen? Noyeks Newmans offers and delivers a comprehensive selection of kitchen bins to suit your needs. Whether you're a culinary enthusiast or a busy homemaker, kitchen cargo bins offer a convenient and stylish way to keep your kitchen tidy and functional. Browse through the range of kitchen bin solutions, get an online quote or visit one of our showrooms in Dublin Finglas & Ballymount or Tralee to find out more! 

Pull Out Cargo Waste & Storage Bins

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  • BLANCO PROMO SINGOLO - Storage & Waste Bin
  • BLANCO PROMO SINGOLO XL - Storage & Waste Bin
  • BLANCO PRO 45/2 MANUAL - 2 Storage & Waste Bins
  • BLANCO PRO 60/3 MANUAL - 3 Storage & Waste Bins
  • BLANCO PROMO BOTTON II 30-2 - 2 Storage & Waste Bins
  • MAXI UNICARGO 600MM - 4 Storage Bins
  • MAXI UNICARGO 500MM - 2 Storage Bins
  • MAXI UNICARGO 450MM - 2 Storage Bins
  • MAXI UNICARGO 400MM - 2 Storage Bins
  • MAXI UNICARGO 300MM - 2 Storage Bins
  • UT602 40L - Double Waste Pull Out Bin
  • UT603 30L - Double Waste Pull Out Bin
  • MONO WASTE 15L - Storage Bin
  • WORKTOP 12L - Waste Bin

Smart Pull-Out Bins

Plan and design a kitchen with Noyeks Newmans. Make your kitchen look beautiful, feel spacious and convenient using our design tips, storage and waste ideas, products or solutions like cargo bins. These versatile storage solutions are designed to maximise space and keep kitchen essentials neatly organised. From storing pantry items like canned goods and spices to housing cleaning supplies and recycling materials, kitchen cargo bins are a practical addition to any culinary space.

Cargo Bins

Planning a new layout in your kitchen can be tricky sometimes. With smart solutions from Noyeks Newmans, you can get new ideas and inspiration. Pull-out cargo bins with a variety of sets and widths can make the recycling process easier. Placing our bins inside the cabinet will also help with maintenance as all the parts are easy to dismantle and clean. Get more information from product pages and place your order!