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Whether you’re considering a new kitchen or island, looking for a butler’s pantry inspiration, kitchen appliances or renovating your kitchen space, browse through our website to discover kitchen planning tips, the latest ideas, trends, design suggestions or classic and traditional solutions. Come and see our showroom displays, kitchen cabinets, decor mood boards, talk to our kitchen designers, get useful advice or a quote on your project. Don`t forget that we offer affordable prices and nationwide delivery.

Small & Tiny Kitchens

Designing a small kitchen can be challenging but also really satisfying. Planning how to use every inch of your space, where to implement smart solutions or which colours and materials to pick can be overwhelming. We gathered a few useful tips to help you ease the process of creating your tiny or micro kitchen. Here are our design ideas:

  1. Pick a white colour - it's not only universal and easy to combine with decor elements but it also optically opens the space! If you want to add a little bit of character then contrast it by picking either very dark or intensely colourful bottom drawer doors.
  2. Use natural light, undercabinet LED lights, mirrors or an acrylic splashback - it opens up a space and gives that warm and spacious feel.
  3. Implement smart storage solutions where you have restricted access - maximise your storage capacity, make it easy to reach, keep everything organised and tidy - it's a win-win!
  4. Get bespoke kitchen carcasses - these can cover the whole small kitchen layout and be a part of your clever kitchen design.
  5. Choose your surfaces - an affordable worktop is a great option, not to mention that our selection of decors and designs will surprise you!
  6. Table and chairs - if you want to create a dining area you can install a breakfast bar beside the window and add bar chairs.
  7. Doors - if your tiny kitchen is a separate room then consider picking glass doors - create an illusion of more light and space through clear glass.
  8. Appliances - if possible, try to integrate your kitchen appliances into your design - check our selection of integrated extractor hoods, fridges or dishwashers.

For more inspiration, please visit our website and contact us - our Kitchen Design Team will be more than happy to make your vision a reality!

Medium Size Kitchens

Medium size kitchens can be tricky to design - it is usually balancing between what you want and what you can fit in your space. Noyeks Kitchen Design Team is here to help! We have prepared a few tips and ideas for you to make the whole process easier!

  1. Pick a bright kitchen - these cabinets and kitchen doors are available as painted or PVC - to just create an illusion of a spacious interior by lighting it up!
  2. Create a contrast - choose the contrary colour and get it with kitchen appliances, door handles or a tap, sink or splashback.
  3. Try to integrate most of your kitchen appliances - keep your work surface clean in design.
  4. You can install a small kitchen island - it will give you extra worktop space and if you want to make your design even more interesting - pick a different colour of cabinet doors for it.
  5. Consider smart storage solutions - you can save some storage space or integrate waste bins!

We hope our kitchen design tips are a great start for your planning! If you need more inspiration, visit our Showroom, check our Social Media or contact our Design Team.

Large Kitchens

Designing a large kitchen requires good planning and preparation - how to place your cooking station quite close to appliances to optimise the ergonomy of the process? What kind of material will complement the big space that you dedicate to the kitchen island? Should you give that island more functionality than storage and countertop by adding a smaller, second sink or even placing a hob and one of the modern Elica venting extractors? We can suggest solutions that you haven`t considered yet. Three safe things to say are definitely to: install painted kitchen doors, quartz worktops and top-quality functional appliances. These products merge amazingly together and our selection of mentioned items is quite wide. If you thought about placing appliances as integrated, for example, a built-in coffee machine or microwave - we can cover that too. Our top tips to elevate your large kitchen space:

  1. Use bar chairs beside or at the back of the kitchen island.
  2. Add pendant lights.
  3. Consider an overlapping countertop.
  4. Leave one or two cabinets without doors and fill that space with cooking books.
  5. Add some plants...

All those small touches will bring colour, structure and character to your spacious kitchen. If you need more guidance - please contact our Design Team!

Our Company Supplies Bespoke Kitchens

Bespoke kitchen projects from Noyeks Newmans are made to measure premium yet affordable kitchens. With an individual approach, our Kitchen Design Team can make an exquisite design to ideally fit the style of your home. The high quality and luxury of our fitted kitchens can fulfill all requirements and needs of all our customers. Our Kitchen Design Team is ready to meet your expectations, contact us today!

Built-In Kitchen Appliances

Be inspired by our designs, inspiration ideas, mood boards and work with us on a dream kitchen! The seamless fit of our cooking appliances from affordable to premium brands suits every style! The range of top-quality kitchen appliances makes cooking, baking, or food prepping in a new kitchen smooth and easy. The selection of kitchen appliances includes induction appliances, gas appliances, and electric appliances - find the best choice for your kitchen!

LED Lighting

LED strips are perfect for indirect lighting - these products give you full flexibility in elevating desired areas. Create an accent wall, highlight your bedstands or mount these as the under-cabinet light - make a small change with a big outcome. These LED lights generate light with warm or cool operating temperature ranges. The lighting modules are energy-efficient alternatives for halogen with a long lifespan and no maintenance.