DECOSPAN - Veneered Panel Products

Veneer is produced by slicing a log in thin layers with a blade. In contrast to solid wood, which is sawn, veneer makes optimal use of the log without any raw material loss. Veneer with the natural look and feel of real wood is mainly used for interior decoration applications in many different segments. It's ideal for residential projects, commercial solutions, hotel projects, offices and many more. Decospan veneered sheet materials are available in a huge range of wood spieces. Contact our team to find out more about veneered panel products.

Veneered Panel Products

Use wood veneer products from our offering in your installation projects - enhance the beauty, colour, markings, and structure of wood and completely transform your living room, bedroom, kitchen or office! Decospan products have a long life cycle, are easy to process, and provide superior quality. Oak panel products are highly regarded in the furniture industry and interior design - the elegance and beauty of these products are timeless! Use Decospan veneered boards in a variety of vintage or modern projects that are bespoke and unique.