Panel Products

A Wide Range Of Sheet Materials

We offer the biggest range of panel products in Ireland including: MDF (Plain Board, Veneered, Melamine, Fire Rated, Moisture Resistant, Flexible, Slotted, V Grooved, Black Through-out & Laminated), PLYWOOD (Marine Plywood Class 3 Glue Full Exterior, Exterior Chinese Plywood Class 2 Glue CE2+, Veneered, Film Faced, Flexible, Laser, Elliotis Pine, Russian Birch Plywood Class 3 Glue Full Exterior), OSB (Smartply Panel Boards), CHIPBOARDS (Plain, Veneered, Melamine, T+G, Pre Edged Panels, Furniture Grade), EDGEGLUED BOARDS, ANTIBACTERIAL SURFACES, DECORATIVE SURFACES & ACOUSTIC PANELS. Visit our panel centres in Dublin Finglas & Ballymount or Tralee to learn more about our timber sheet materials!

Sheet Materials From Noyeks Newmans

Noyeks Newmans is one of the leading suppliers of sheet materials in Ireland, so whether you are working on a small DIY project, furniture installation or large construction development browse through our wide range of panel products and contact us for a quote! We provide timber sheet materials that are perfect for carpentry, structural and interior works or renovation projects at affordable prices to architects, builders, interior designers, trade and retail customers.

MDF Sheets

MDF panels are growing their popularity and are used in commercial and residential projects. Because of their diversity, these can be used on a smaller scale in your room or in bigger commercial spaces. MDF boards are the perfect solution in the following projects: furniture, cabinets shelves, wall panelling, decorative installations, speaker boxes, wainscoting.


Low-density fibreboards are affordable boards used in furniture installation projects. The chipboards are also popular for shelving and construction work. It is easy to process, cut and install chipboard panels.

Plywood Sheets

A few thin layers of veneer boards glued together make a plywood panel. Ply boards are perfect for both exterior and interior projects, structural installations and are also used in the building industry. The main advantage of using plywood boards in your projects is their hardness which allows you to drill in the product but also gives you long-lasting designs!

OSB Boards

Oriented Strand Boards are an alternative for plywood. These boards are eco-friendly, cost-effective and are widely used in construction projects and on building sites. If you need a product to make your new loft flooring or wall panelling this is an ideal material for you. OSB is a great alternative for plywood - you can use it as a subfloor in a new or existing development. The strength and performance of OSB sheets make them ideal for any structural build and applications in construction. Use these durable building boards as an economical substitute for plywood.


Fibreboards are affordable wood-based panels and ideal for furniture, small DIY projects or insulating in construction. The wood used for fibreboards is engineered and made of highly compressed wood fibers that create a fine surface wherever you want to apply it. Choose environmentally friendly sheet materials for your upcoming DIY or construction projects.

Veneered Sheet Materials

Veneered sheet materials are based on renewable raw materials - caring about the environment is currently one of the reasons to consider while picking new products for your interior. The market-oriented attitude of Decospan develops collections suitable for both contemporary or more vintage projects. The current range of products for wall, ceiling, floor and furniture are tailor-made for the needs of our customers.