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Explore innovative extractors, ovens, warming drawers, coffee machines, or wine coolers from Franke. Franke offers a diverse selection of kitchen appliances designed to meet the demands of any kitchen and household. Franke integrates cutting-edge innovations and technologies into its products, ensuring they are both functional and stylish. Visit one of our showrooms in Dublin Finglas & Ballymount or Tralee to find out more! 

Franke - Ovens, Hobs, Coffee Machines, Warming Drawers

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  • FRANKE - Avant Silence Wall Extractor
  • FRANKE - Format 45 60cm Extractor
  • FRANKE - Format 45 70cm Extractor
  • FRANKE - Format 45 90cm Extractor
  • FRANKE - Format 45 90cm Black Extractor
  • FRANKE - Mythos T-shape Air Hub Hood Black
  • FRANKE - Joy 60cm Extractor
  • FRANKE - Joy 90cm Extractor
  • FRANKE - T-Glass Nice 60cm Extractor
  • FRANKE - T-Glass Nice 90cm Extractor
  • FRANKE - T-Glass Ray 60cm Extractor
  • FRANKE - T-Glass Ray 90cm Extractor
  • FRANKE - Atmos Steam Off 60 Extractor
  • FRANKE - Atmos Steam Off 90 Extractor
  • FRANKE - Box EVO 52cm XS Extractor
  • FRANKE - Box EVO 52cm Black Extractor
  • FRANKE - Mythos Induction Hob 65cm
  • FRANKE - Mythos Induction Hob 77cm
  • FRANKE - Mythos Pyrolytic Touch Oven
  • FRANKE - Mythos Pyrolytic Touch Oven Black
  • FRANKE - Mythos Pyrolytic Oven
  • FRANKE - Mythos Pyrolytic Oven Black
  • FRANKE - Mythos Combi Oven
  • FRANKE - Mythos Warming Drawer
Products: 124 of 30

Kitchen Appliances From Franke

Enhance your kitchen with Franke's Mythos ovens, a perfect fusion of style and functionality. These stunning black ovens are an ideal addition to any kitchen style, adding both elegance and practicality to your culinary space.

Ovens From Franke

Elevate your kitchen with Franke's range of extractor hoods. Whether you're looking for a sleek Stainless Steel extractor hood, an innovative air hub hood, or a stylish black extractor, our collection has you covered. From T-shape wall extractors to versatile designs, our extractor hoods combine both style and functionality to complement any kitchen aesthetic.

Extractor Hoods From Franke

Noyeks supplies top-quality Franke kitchen appliances. There is a wide range of products that are sure to complement your kitchen needs. Stop in the store today to speak to our sales team about which products best suit your dream kitchen!

Extractor Hoods From Franke

Transform your kitchen with Franke's induction hobs. Whether you prefer the modern convenience of an LCD Touch Control interface, the sleek elegance of black induction hobs, or the versatility of different widths like the 77cm induction hobs or 65cm width induction hobs, our range caters to all preferences. Combining energy-efficient technology with high-quality craftsmanship, our induction hobs deliver both performance and style to elevate any kitchen space.

Accessories From Franke

Discover endless possibilities for your kitchen with Franke's range of kitchen accessories. Whether you're looking for a sleek coffee machine, practical warming drawers, or elegant wine coolers, the collection offers solutions for all of your modern kitchen needs. Explore our selection of coffee accessory drawers and wine accessory drawers to add luxury and functionality, all while saving space in your kitchen design. With a variety of options for kitchen storage and design, Franke provides kitchen inspiration and elevates your culinary space.