Our comprehensive selection of Duropal kitchen worktops offers decors from the most modern to the more traditional ones. Duropal countertops are durable, impact or water resistant therefore the perfect alternative to acrylic based, quartz and solid wood or surface worktops. All this just at a fraction of the price. There is a wide variety of textures available to choose from including: matt, high gloss, grain or natural wood.

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 High-Pressure Laminate Worktops

Top Quality Laminate Kitchen Worktops

Duropal work surfaces are easy to process and extremely durable. They offer a wide range of decors, surface structures and core materials making them the material of choice for modern, long-lasting and hygienic kitchen design. They are a perfect alternative to acrylic-based, granite and stone worktops for an affordable price. High-pressured laminate surface is hardwearing and easy to clean. Different profiles are designed to blend with whole kitchen looks and keep a beautiful and sleek look.

Postformed Kitchen Worktops

Postformed laminate worktops are a type of tops formed in a manufacturing process including heat, material block and glue. The laminate layer is added and wrapped around the curved front edge of chipboard or MDF after a process of shaping it - a curved edge is formed prior to the laminate being attached and that is why it is described as postformed.

Compact Kitchen Worktops

Compact high-pressure laminate has a decorative melamine surface on one or both sides. The characteristic feature of this product is a bevelled edge. Because of its moisture and impact resistance, great durability and antimicrobial features, it is a great option for a family kitchen. This surface is really easy to clean and can be used not only as practical addition but also as a decorative piece of your interior design. Consider getting our tops and sheet materials and browse the full range.