Noyeks Newmans For Trade Customers

Contact us to learn more about our products and services, find out about the best deals for Trade, set up a trade account, request a brochure or sample, schedule a call with one of our Sales Representatives, or meet us at a Trade event in our newly refurbished Architectural Showroom.

Noyeks Trade Cards give access to trade discounts and other related advantages to our valued trade customers. Whether you are a contractor, retailer, builder, architect, or service provider, our Trade Cards are designed to cater to your unique needs, empowering you to grow your business while enjoying exclusive perks. Benefits of Trade Cards: discounted pricing, priority service, personalised support, early access to new product samples, networking opportunities. 

We value your time and want to ensure that you receive the attention you deserve. That's why we offer a convenient option for you to request a callback from our sales team! Please visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form.

Whether you're a professional seeking technical specifications, a student conducting research, or a curious individual looking to expand your knowledge, our timber products database is here to meet your product knowledge needs. With a simple click, you can explore a wide range of datasheets, enabling you to make informed decisions and gain insights into various products, services, and technologies.

Download online or request printed brochures with just a click. After clicking on the link you'll be transported to a digital realm where beautifully designed brochures from our suppliers come to life, showcasing the essence of our products, services, and offerings.

We are passionate about delivering exceptional timber products and high-quality services to meet your needs. Our extensive range of wood products is carefully curated to provide you with the latest innovations and highest quality offerings. Additionally, our services are designed to enhance your experience and ensure your satisfaction.

Whether you're an architect, interior designer, or simply an enthusiast of exquisite design, our newly refurbished Showroom is a haven for inspiration and discovery. Come and experience the latest and future trends and innovations in our industry, and join meetings and events that are conducted by our suppliers.

Request a Trade Card, request a callback from our Sales Team, download datasheets and brochures, browse through our website or visit our Trade Counter or Architectural Showroom for an event to avail exclusive discounts and offers on sheet materials, panel products, timber, kitchen products, wardrobe accessories and many more! Start taking advantage of the fantastic price difference for your benefit! Cardholders get access to thousands of quality products from a variety of brands like Finsa, Losan, Medite, Polyrey, Swisskrono and more. Our offer is dedicated to businesses in building & construction, architecture, interior design, or fittings.