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LOSAN BENELUX - Hotán® Harmony Acoustic Panel - Staccato

LOSAN BENELUX Hotán® Oak acoustic panels break the straight surfaces and significantly improve room acoustics. The panels are designed to reduce noise up to 50% in the room they are installed in.
Add dimension to your space with Losan's STACCATO Oak Hotan Harmony Acoustic Panel, linear acoustic panels based on veneered MDF slats (3 different widths), mounted on black felt panels. Acoustic panels are a great addition to style and noise reduction, which makes the panels both stylish and functional.

The acoustic panels are delivered in pre-built modules, which makes it simple and easy to mount them in the ceiling or on the wall. If you need to integrate electricity, lighting or ventilation in the panels, we recommend that you get professionals to help you with the adjustments.


  • 2400 x 600 mm / Thickness 20 mm
  • The widths are 21mm – 30mm and 50mm and these widths repeat themselves across the sheet 600mm wide

ASSEMBLY - Hotán® acoustic panels can be used on ceilings as well as walls. It is recommended to mount the panels on 45 mm thick joists with a mutual distance of max. 600 mm. However, the panels can also be mounted directly to the wall. The screws are placed between the strips through the non-woven fabric. For fastening, a minimum of 15 flat head screws should be used per panel.

Watch the installation guide video below (the actual colour of the panel may vary):

FACTS - Hotán® acoustic panels consists of a 9 mm black PET Polyester non-woven fabric on which 27 x 11 mm strips are mounted in through-colored black MDF veneered with real wood veneer. The strips are spaced 13 mm apart.

Real wood veneer can vary in colour, grain structure and appearance from batch to batch.

Oak panel needs to be treated with oil and maintained regularly as any timber product.

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