IRONMONGERY KIT - FD30 Bathroom Door Locking - Kit B

FD30 Bathroom Door Locking - Kit B - Fully Certified Ironmongery Kits for FD30 Firedoor Installations 

These ironmongery kits have been tested to both European (Ensatec) and UK (Certifire) fire safety standards. (Certificates available on request)


Increasingly stringent regulations governing the safety standards in fire doors demand that the correct and approved materials, components and methods are employed in the installation of a fire door assembly. It is incumbent upon suppliers and installers to ensure that any fire door installation to which they are a party is fit for purpose and compliant to these fire safety regulations. Bearing this in mind it is easy to appreciate the benefits of a product which has been tested and certified for purpose and which thereby allows the parties involved to be confident that the relevant safety criteria have been fully adhered to

Each kit is conveniently packaged in a robust box with line drawings on the top clearly indicating kit type and contents. In addition to this each box includes a content listing on the bottom

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Main items* of componentry found across this range of kits:

Pair of 19mm RTD lever on sprung rose
Ball bearing SS grade 13 hinge x3
Disabled bathroom turn and release
1x Fire door keep locked sign
Overhead door closer
Single cylinder 40mm
Intumescent pack x2

*Some boxes contain less or additional items