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FRANKE VITAL CAPSULE - Filter J-Spout Tap Chrome & Gunmetal

Franke Vital Capsule - The Classic and timeless design. Rotates 360° for maximum freedom and flexibility. This model also has a Perlator for a champagne like flow.

Thanks to the patented filter technology, the Franke Vital Capsule Filter System delivers refreshing drinking water more simply, quickly and reliably than ever before. The best water filter in the world is also the smallest. That’s something of a marvel, given what’s inside. It is the first system ever to combine activated carbon with a high-tech membrane and turns 500 litres of tap water into pure refreshment.

Franke Vital Capsule system advantages:

  • removes 99% of bacteria & viruses
  • filters out rust and sediments
  • filters out microplastics
  • removes tastes and odours
  • simply to use filters up to 500L
  • hygenic
  • easy to install

Franke Vital Capsule system parameters:

  • flow rate - 3.5L/min at 3 bar
  • temperature range 5-65°C
  • pressure range 0.7- 6.8 bar
  • capacity 500L

Franke Vital system:

  • PRE-FILTER - The pre-filter is the first line of defence, eliminating coarse contamination. Larger particles are filtered out and captured
  • MEMBRANE - Nanotechnology makes it possible: the 0.06 mm thick membrane, enclosed in a fine nylon mesh, filters even bacteria from your drinking water 
  • ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER - Activated carbon removes dissolved impurities (e.g. chlorine) and impurities. The underlying technology is a natural physical process that has been proven over decades 
  • WATER FLOW - First through the pre-filter, then through the membrane, finally through the activated carbon and filtered straight into the glass. The Vital Capsule prevents cross contamination between filtered and unfiltered water

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