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ERKADO - Frezja 8 Stile Doors

Internal Door Kits

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Full kit includes:

  • Door leaf
  • frame
  • hinges
  • handle


  • rebated or non-rebated door leaf made in the STILE panelled technology
  • MDF stiles and rails covered with the GREKO, PREMIUM, ST CPL facings or ST CPL laminate with the AntiFinger coating
  • 16 mm thick HDF panels (also a 4 mm panel for the FREZJA 2 & 6 models) covered with the GREKO, CPL or PREMIUM facing; FREZJA 7 is available with a mirror only
  • glulam laminated stiles covered with HDF and MDF boards 6)
  • optional door frame extension panels and a crosshead with pilasters are available for an additional charge
  • the door can be trimmed by a customer


  • rebated door leaves: three silver 2-pin hinges adjusted horizontally
  • three concealed hinges in a non-rebated leaf, silver (optionally black - subject to an additional charge); hinges supplied with and included in the price of the door frame
  • lever tumbler lock in a rebated door leaf and a key-locked magnetic lock (lever tumbler lock as an option) in a non-rebated door leaf, thumb turn cylinder, economy, with a silver blockade; optionally, for an additional charge, a black or gold magnetic lock


  • 8 mm tempered or tempered and VSG/ESG 441 laminated safety glass, frosted or black, plain on both sides (in Fragi 15 & Fragi 16)
  • possibility to change the glazing side to REVERSE (standard glazing for OBVERSE)
  • fixed glazing widths: FREZJA 1 – 140 mm, FREZJA0 5 – 70 mm

Extra Charges:

  • frosted or clear tempered glass or a mirror fi£ed on one side (only Frezja 7) as standard, and custom-made frosted or black VSG 221 laminated safety glass, plain on both sides (not in FREZJA 7 & 8)
  • door undercut or air gap undercut
  • plastic woodgrain sleeves (4 pcs) 2)
  • round and square metal round and square metal sleeves 2) ± (4 pcs.); brushed nickel or patina finish white and black
  • ventilation grille 2) (only for door leaf widths of: 80, 90, 100)
  • metal hinge casings in rebated door leaf (colour: brushed nickel, patina, glossy chrome, glossy brass, white and black)
  • “100” rebated and non-rebated door leaf
  • VSG 221 laminated safety glass, plain on both sides, frosted or black
  • drop down seal 4) (not for FREZJA 8)
  • can be replaced with a black or golden magnetic lock for non-rebated door leaves
  • magnetic stop (buffer) 4) (available in six colours)
  • glulam stiles 6)

(2) Not available for FREZJA 8 (4) A stop will not allow a drop down seal and a door undercut to be used, and vice versa (6)Glulam stiles covered with HDF and MDF boards available for WHITE PREMIUM, NATUR OAK PREMIUM, GRAPHITE ASH PREMIUM, GREY MAPLE PREMIUM, OAK ST CPL at extra charge
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