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ERKADO - Amarylis 3 Lacquered Doors

Internal Door Kits

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Full kit includes:

  • Door leaf
  • frame
  • hinges
  • handle


  • rebated or non-rebated door leaf made in the STILE panelled technology
  • MDF stiles and rails coated with a facing layer and painted with UV-resistant varnish
  • 16mm thick HDF panels, moulded and coated with UV resistant varnish
  • stick-on glazing bar on both sides, 25 mm wide, heights of 12 mm (vertical) and 8mm (horizontal)
  • optional door frame extension panels and a crosshead with pilasters are available for an additional charge
  • the door can be trimmed by a customer


  • door leaves and door frames coated with water-based UV-hardened varnish for high resistance to adverse use conditions


  • rebated door leaves: three silver 2-pin hinges adjusted horizontally
  • three concealed hinges in a non-rebated leaf, silver (optionally black - subject to an additional charge); hinges supplied with and included in the price of the door frame
  • lever tumbler lock in a rebated door leaf and a key-locked magnetic lock (lever tumbler lock as an option) in a non-rebated door leaf, thumb turn cylinder, economy, with a silver blockade; optionally, for an additional charge, a black or gold magnetic lock


  • frosted or clear tempered glass as standard, and frosted or black VSG 221 laminated safety glass at an extra charge, plain on both sides
  • possibility to change the glazing side to REVERSE (standard glazing for OBVERSE)

Extra Charges:

  • factory pre-drilled through holes for handles (split handles) ordered together with the door leaf
  • VSG 221 laminated safety glass, plain on both sides, frosted or black
  • door undercut or air gap undercut
  • metal hinge casings in the rebated door leaf (brushed nickel, patina, polished chrome, polished brass, white and black)
  • drop down seal 1) can be replaced with a black or golden magnetic lock for non-rebated door leaves
  • magnetic stop (buffer) 1) (available in six colours)

(1) A stop will not allow a drop-down seal and a door undercut to be used, and vice versa
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