DECOSPAN - Shinnoki Panel with High Quality MDF Core

DECOSPAN - Shinnoki Panel - prefinished panels are made up of a top layer of veneer, an 18 mm (11/16”) MDF core and a balance layer on the back for stability. This range of wood veneered panels does not need any further finishing

Double-sided panels
These panels are finished the same way on both sides with the Shinnoki design and protection technology. They come with a transparent foil layer to protect the boards during transportation and handling that is simple to remove.

Single-sided panels
For application where only one side of the panel is constantly visible, the single-sided Shinnoki panels are a great cost-effective alternative. These boards are finished on one side with the Shinnoki design. To guarantee the stability, a balance veneer is needed. We chose for a technical veneer which is stained and lacquered to be a reasonably matching balancer pertaining to the front side. Both sides have a protective foil whick is easy to remove.
2790 x 1240 x 19 mm (4' x 9' x 3/4" - 48.8" x 109.8")

Application: there is almost no limit to the ways it can be used - from kitchens to wardrobes in the home market, and from offices to bars or restaurant furnishings in the project market

Features and benefits: Shinnoki products are ready-to-use and as easy to work with as a melamine board, huge time and cost-saving but with the same unique look and feel that is typical for real wood veneer




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