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LOSAN BENELUX - Veneered Flexible Plywood

LOSAN BENELUX FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS: we supply SuperForm Plywood which is a high performance, bendable plywood in Ceiba-core. All thicknesses are available in long and cross grain. The boards are marked "CE", according to Directive ECC 89/106

APPLICATION: hotel reception desks, exhibitions, furniture, yachts

The ‘Exterior 1’ bonding of the plywood distinguishes itself from several other flexible plywoods that are available on the market. We present you our standard thicknesses and the units per parcel. The size is 2440x1220 mm (long grain) or 1220x2440 mm (cross grain)

Thickness (mm) Unit / Parcels
3 150
5 95
6 90
7 60
8 55
9 50
12 40
16 30


WEIGHT CONSIDERATION: 8mm is just 9.1kgs, while maintaining the strength associated with plywood

FINISHING: clear lacquer, paint, stain, veneer, laminates, plaster

*NEW: Fire Retardant flexible plywood - ask us for more details, standard thicknesses: 5mm, 7mm and 9mm in cross & long grain

Almost all woodspecies are also available as a flexible veneer wooden backing. Size : 2440x1220 mm, paper backing. Size: 3050x1240 mm and 2500x1240 mm

* NEW Stone Veneer - Brochure


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