• the ultimate square edged kitchen worktop
  • laminated on both sides
  • furniture grade chipboard core
  • no exposed areas
  • edged on all four sides to match surface colour and texture
  • available in 25 or 40mm
TopShape Plus:
  • Available in stylish wrap-under profile
  • innovative drip resistant seal
  • back edge seal
  • melamine foil backing
  • laminated on top with high quality, high pressure and hard wearing laminate
  • available in 40mm
TopShape Custom:
  • curved or square corners, or both
  • bespoke worktops
  • personal and flexible design
  • perfect size
  • available in 25 or 40mm
Worktop Availability (in mm):
  • TopShape - 4050 lengths
  • TopPlus - 4100 lengths
  • TopShape Custom - up to 4050 x 1200
  • TopShape Value - 3600 x 600
  • Utility Panel - available - ask for sizes
  • Upstand - available - ask for sizes
  • Backsplash - 3000 x 1200 x 8
  • Backsplash - 3000 x 600 x 8
  • Edging roll - 5 metres

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General cleaning of the surface requires only a damp cloth & a mild detergent or non abrasive cleaner diluted in warm water. Some strong chemicals, dyes and fruit juices may harm your work surface.

Things to do:

To prevent damage from hot objects, use heat resistant mats on the surface of the worktop. Always use ashtrays for cigarettes. Always use a chopping board for preparing food. Wipe spilt liquids away from joints and cut-outs immediately. Ensure that all inset appliances are properly sealed with a suitable waterproof silicone sealant.

Things to avoid:

Never place objects from the oven or hob directly onto the laminate surface since this may lead to blistering. Care should also be taken with hot irons and cigarettes. Some crockery items, kitchen utensils and other objects sliding across your worktops will produce fine scratches in the laminate. Try to avoid sliding rough based objects across the surface. Never cut foodstuffs directly on the laminate surface. Moisture will not harm the laminate surface itself but it is advisable to wipe away any spillages as soon as possible. The critical areas are around joints and cut-outs.

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