Cubicle Fittings

Cubicle fittings for washrooms, restrooms and cubicles play a crucial role in creating functional and comfortable spaces that prioritise privacy and hygiene. These fittings are specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals using the facilities by providing partitioning systems that separate each cubicle. The partitions are typically made from durable and easy-to-clean materials, ensuring cleanliness and minimizing maintenance efforts.

Fittings For Cubicle & Washroom Systems

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  • BLUM - Hinge Plate Expando Clip On Cam Adjustment 0mm Plate 7174H710E for 12/13mm CDF/Lockers
  • BLUM - Hinge 71B453T Clip Top Blumotion 110° EXPANDO T for 12/13mm CDF/Lockers
  • BLUM - Hinge 70.4503 Arm Cover Cap for 12/13mm CDF/Lockers
  • ALM - Rise and Fall Butt Hinge RH
  • ALM - Rise and Fall Butt Hinge LH
  • ALM - Partition Support Leg SAA
  • ALM - Partition Support Leg
  • ALM - Hinge SAA
  • ALM - Headrail L Shape
  • ALM - Hat & Coat Hook For Cubicles
  • ALM - Hat & Coat Hook
  • ALM - Edge Hinge Pair
  • ALM - Cubicle Toilet Roll Holder SAA Front Fix
  • ALM - Cubicle Toilet Roll Holder SAA
  • ALM - Cubicle System 20mm U Brackets
  • ALM - Cubicle System 20mm Toilet Roll Holder
  • ALM - Cubicle System 20mm Leg
  • ALM - Cubicle System 20mm Headrail L Shape
  • ALM - Cubicle System 20mm Coat Hook
  • ALM - Cubicle System 20mm A Pack
  • ALM - Cubicle System 20 Hinge Pair
  • ALM - Cubicle System 12mm U Brackets
  • ALM - Cubicle System 12mm Toilet Roll Holder
  • ALM - Cubicle System 12mm Leg
Products: 124 of 39

Cubicle Fittings

Cubicle fittings for washrooms may also include additional features such as integrated handrails, hooks for hanging clothes or bags, and shelves for storing personal belongings. These fittings are designed with user convenience and accessibility in mind, providing a comfortable and secure environment for individuals to use the facilities with ease.

Cubicle Fittings - Legs

Cubicle legs are crucial components in various applications, providing stability and support for toilet, changing, and shower cubicles, also acting as supports for division and fascia panels. Cubicle legs are typically manufactured using high-quality materials which are chosen for their durability, resistance to corrosion, and ability to withstand heavy loads. Precision and finishing techniques are creating legs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Cubicle legs often have an adjustable height mechanism. This feature allows for easy adaptation to uneven floors, ensuring that the cubicle remains stable and level. Toilet cubicle legs are integral to the stability and support of toilet cubicles, providing a secure base for the partitions and doors. Shower Cubicles play a vital role in supporting shower panels and doors. The adjustable height feature enables proper leveling on sloping floors, preventing water leakage and maintaining a secure showering environment.

Cubicle Fittings - Hooks

The cubicle hat and coat hook system is designed to keep the cubicle organised and clutter-free. This screw-fix coat hook is made of durable materials and comes with a rubber buffer that prevents the door from banging off the partition. With its stylish design and easy installation, this coat hook is perfect for any cubicle space, changing room, or gym. Experience the benefits of a well-organised space by getting our lovely hooks today!

Cubicle Fittings - Indicator Bolts

The cubicle indicator bolt is the ultimate solution for privacy and safety. In the office, gym, school or public restroom settings, maintaining privacy and ensuring user safety is paramount. This cubicle indicator bolt provides a reliable and user-friendly mechanism to address these concerns. It is equipped with a coin-operated emergency release feature, enabling users to quickly and effortlessly unlock the cubicle door in case of an emergency. Each set includes all the required fixings, ensuring easy installation for immediate use.

Cubicle Fittings - Toilet Roll Holder

The Cubicle Toilet Roll Holder is the last element to complete an organised and functional restroom! It is crafted from durable material to provide durability and longevity and is available in sleek dark grey or stylish silver colour options. With its compact design, it fits perfectly in any standard bathroom stall. The cubicle toilet roll holder is specifically designed to securely hold standard-sized toilet paper rolls, preventing wastage and ensuring a tidier restroom environment.

Cubicle Fittings - Brackets

Our cubicle brackets are the ultimate combination of style and durability! These play a crucial role in enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of panels, making them an essential component in various settings like changing rooms, school bathrooms, gyms, and offices. The cubicle brackets we offer are designed with a focus on simplicity and strength, ensuring these can withstand the demands of everyday use. Our cubicle brackets can be installed using two primary methods, each offering stability and reliability: wall-mounted (brackets can be securely fixed to the wall using screws, providing a sturdy foundation for the panels) and fascia-mounted (particularly suitable for wet areas and allows for movement in the core material without compromising stability).

Cubicle Fittings - Hinges

Hinges may be small components in various applications, but their importance cannot be overstated. Hinges play a vital role in providing stability, smooth operation, and security of cubicle installations. Edge-mounted hinges are designed to be fixed on the edge of a door or panel. These offer a sleek and minimalist look while providing excellent support and stability. Corner-mounted hinges are ideal for applications where the door or panel needs to be completely flush with the surrounding framework - they offer a seamless appearance. Their unique design allows for easy adjustment and alignment, ensuring a perfect fit. All of our hinges share one essential feature: incomparable durability and strength. Engineered from high-quality materials, these hinges are built to withstand repeated use, heavy loads, and the test of time.