Rubio timber oils and primers are perfect for renovation and maintenance for almost all wood types - both internal and external! Single-layer can protect your furniture, floors, walls, tabletops or stairs from water or heat damage. Five days of curing with timber oils and your wood can be easily maintained just by cleaning with soap and water. This pre-treatment product for wood is VOC-free and it guarantees optimal protection and multiple colour choices. Rubio oil doesn’t contain any water or solvents and is based on natural ingredients.

Maintenance Oils & Primers For Wooden Products

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  • RUBIO MONOCOAT - Tannin Primer 100ml
  • RUBIO MONOCOAT - Tannin Primer 1000ml
  • RUBIO MONOCOAT - Sheen Plus 350ml Component A+B
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  • RUBIO MONOCOAT - Sheen Plus 130ml Component A+B
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  • RUBIO MONOCOAT - Rubio Universal Maintenance Clear Pure Oil 500ml
  • RUBIO MONOCOAT - Rubio Tannin Remover 500ml
  • RUBIO MONOCOAT - Exterior Wood Cleaner
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  • RUBIO MONOCOAT - Durogrit UV Protection Sutton Grey
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  • RUBIO MONOCOAT - Durogrit UV Protection Saddle Black
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  • RUBIO MONOCOAT - Durogrit UV Protection Grassland Beige
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  • RUBIO MONOCOAT - Durogrit UV Protection Charred Black
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  • RUBIO MONOCOAT - Durogrit UV Protection Atacama Grey
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  • RUBIO MONOCOAT - Clear Quick Dry Oil 2C Pure 350ml

Wood Oils

Enhance the look of your floor, worktop or any timber project with Rubio Oils. Wood oils give a natural look to wood and it enhances moisture protection of it. Created with only natural ingredients Rubio oil is environmentally conscious and it can be applied directly to the timber surface. Give your project a long-lasting decorative effect by making sure that it is fully protected. The drying time of Rubio timber oils is between 12-24hours and curing takes up to five days. The oils can be applied to almost all wood types (solid wood, veneer, MDF) or wood surfaces. It enhances the durability of wood and its natural look and feel of it. Keep original packaging, store it in a dry place and Rubio oil can last up to 36 months!

Tannin Primers

A Tannin Primer is preventing treatment for untreated wood - suitable for internal and external use. It delays the appearance of surface tanning stains. It improves the intensity of the coloured Rubio Monocoat oil through better pigment absorption. It is the best product to use for flooring, timber worktops or furniture.

Rubio Oil Plus 2C

Oil Plus 2C is a next-generation product that colours and protects your wood in only one single layer. The combination of oil and accelerator ensures a quick dry, quick cure and superior protection. In only a few days your surface is fully cured and can be cleaned with water. This oil is environmentally friendly - the VOC is at 0%! This product can be used on all wood types - furniture, worktops or flooring.

Rubio Surface Care

Handy and ready-to-use soap. It is suitable for fast cleaning of small areas or spots on wooden surfaces, countertops and other timber products or applications. Using Surface Care can ensure extended protection and great maintenance of your wood. It is advised to clean your surfaces a maximum of once a week. This product is VOC-free.

Rubio Tannin Remover

Specific stain remover of black tannin stains. It can be used after water-damaged parquet or in case of efflorescence on exterior wood - bottom of gates, doors or walls. This product is VOC-free.

Rubio Universal Maintenance Oil

Ideal product to refresh wood that has been treated with Rubio Monocoat Oils or surfaces finished with other oils. It can be used to treat varnished surfaces which are starting to form micro-cracks. It improves the surface's fluid resistance and gives it a soft, satin shine. This product is highly recommended for areas or products that require extra protection such as timber tables in restaurants, worktops in hotels or desks in offices. This product is VOC-free.

Rubio Sheen Plus

Rubio Monocoat Sheen Plus is a premium wood finish offering a durable satin sheen. This product is suitable for wooden surfaces and enhances the beauty of indoor wood surfaces. including furniture, countertops, tables, stairs, walls, and floors.

Durogrit UV Protection Oil

Durogrit UV Protection Oil is a wood treatment solution fortified with sustainable wood fibres and water-soluble oil. This treatment provides UV protection, durability, and wear resistance, guaranteeing a beautiful finish that is long-lasting..