SMARTPLY Oriented Strand Boards (OSB boards) are versatile, cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to plywood. Smartply sheet materials are suitable for use in the most demanding structural and non-structural construction projects such as site hoarding, sub-flooring, wall panelling, loft boarding, timber framing, commercial and industrial buildings . SMARTPLY OSB panels are fully certified, approved for structural use, compliant, legal and great sustainable alternatives to tropical plywood. Contact our team to find out more about OSB sheets.

Quality OSB Boards From Smartply

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  • SMARTPLY OSB3 T&G - Moisture Resistant Board

    SMARTPLY OSB3 T&G - a strong, versatile structural board suitable for use in humid conditions (Service Class 1 & 2)

    Applications: suitable for roofing and flooring applications in humid conditions (Service Class 1 & 2)

    Features and Benefits: highly engineered, strong, moisture resistant, easy installation, sustainable, tongue & groove edge profile, zero added formaldehyde

    Specifications: ideal for numerous load bearing applications such as roofing and flooring. 

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  • SMARTPLY OSB3 - Versatile Board

    SMARTPLY OSB3 - a strong, versatile board suitable for structural use in humid conditions (service Class 1 and 2), ideal for applications as diverse as roofing, flooring, hoarding and wall sheathing

    Applications: suitable for both interior and exterior structural applications such as roofing, flooring, wall sheathing and hoarding

    Features and Benefits: durable, versatile, sustainable, zero added formaldehyde, excellent load-bearing

    Specifications: in keeping with current construction methods of working towards healthier environments, all SMARTPLY OSB3 panel products have been manufactured using zero-added formaldehyde

  • SMARTPLY PATTRESS PLUS - Engineered OSB3 Board

    SMARTPLY PATTRESS PLUS - is an engineered OSB3 panel incorporating a continuous recess, designed to accommodate ‘C’ shaped metal studs used in the construction of plasterboard partitions

    Applications: designed to provide support for fixtures and fittings in non-structural metal stud constructions, the ready prepared modular panels are quick and easy to use and fit all commercially available drylining stud systems. The high performance solid core OSB3 ensures secure anchorage at any point on the panel face. SMARTPLY PATTRESS PLUS does not add to the finished partition thickness and provides a robust partition structure suitable for use in public access areas including hospitals, laboratories, museums and schools

    Features and Benefits: ready prepared modular panels, speeds up installation, CE marked, zero added formaldehyde, allows secure anchorage, versatile, provides a robust partition structure, solid core, fix to any point between studs

    Specifications: It is tested to the relevant sections of BS5234 Part 2 demonstrating high pull-out strength. SMARTPLY PATTRESS PLUS is an OSB3 panel with zero added formaldehyde and therefore may also be useful in environmentally sensitive interior applications. Manufactured in accordance with EN300, SMARTPLY PATTRESS PLUS is a fully certified alternative to tropical plywood

  • SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT - OSB3 Site Hoarding Panel

    SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT - is a coated site hoarding panel, designed to save you time and money. The SMARTPLY OSB3 substrate has been coated with a smooth, heavy-duty, exterior cross-linked polymer primer, meaning you just have to apply a topcoat to the face and edges. To meet demand for a doubled sided board, there is now also SITEPROTECT PLUS

    Applications: Developed specifically for use in applications from temporary construction site hoarding through to a range of security installations. SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is ideal for painting and promoting your corporate colours. SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT PLUS is ideal for use in premier locations, where both sides of the site hoarding may be visible 

    Features and Benefits: durable, pre-primed, ready-to-paint, edge coated, smooth finish, high performance, sustainable, cost-effective construction site hoarding

    Specifications: This OSB3 panel is coated with the primer on both sides, making it ideal for premium applications in those high profile locations. 


    • 2440 x 1220mm x 18mm
    • 2440 x 1220mm x 16mm


  • SMARTPLY ULTIMA OSB4 - Enhanced Moisture Resistance

    SMARTPLY ULTIMA is an extremely high-performance engineered wood panel (OSB4) suitable for the most demanding structural applications in offsite manufacturing and construction

    Applications: Offsite construction systems, panelised systems (timber frame; steel frame; SIP’s), volumetric 3D modular builds (Pods), commercial buildings (e.g insulated infill panels), industrial buildings (e.g Mezzanine flooring), ‘Massive’ OSB construction systems, hybrid construction (e.g. Cross Laminated Timber, CLT), site-based construction (e.g. Insulated Concrete Formwork, ICF), engineered timber components (e.g. roof cassettes; box beams), industrial packaging (e.g. automotive; aeronautical), decorative applications (bright, smooth surface)

    Features and Benefits: A highly engineered OSB4 panel, ideal for timber frame and construction projects with large spans, increased racking strength, high load-bearing capacity, enhanced moisture resistance, improved rigidity

    Specifications: SMARTPLY ULTIMA is manufactured using state of the art ContiRoll® technology consisting of moisture resistant and formaldehyde-free bonding of wood strands, precision strand orientation and continuous pressing to produce large panels up to 2.8m wide by 7.5m long and to a maximum thickness of 40mm. It is a cost-effective alternative in humid and high-load structural applications when compared to a similar performing exterior structural plywood

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  • SMARTPLY STRONGDECK - High-Performance Engineered Board

    SMARTPLY STRONGDECK -  an extremely high-performance engineered wood panel suitable for the most demanding structural applications. It is manufactured using state of the art ContiRoll® technology consisting of moisture resistant and formaldehyde-free bonding of wood strands, precision strand orientation and continuous pressing

    Applications: durrable mezzanine flooring, heavy duty, load bearing environments, Space saving racking, heavy duty shelving, garment/package handling multi-tier warehousing, industrial warehousing and storage unit floor space additions, humid environments

    Features and Benefits: moisture resistant, stronger than P5 alternatives, quicker to install, zero added formaldehyde, suitable for use in service class 2 conditions, reduced thickness swell

    Specifications: EN 300 classifies OSB panels by their properties which relate to their intended use. SMARTPLY STRONGDECK is classified as follows:

    • OSB/4 – Heavy-duty load-bearing panel for use in humid conditions

    Structures comprising SMARTPLY OSB/4 should be assigned to service class 1 or 2 as defined in EN 1995-1-1 (Eurocode 5). According to this standard, SMARTPLY OSB/4 is suitable for use in both of these service classes. Although OSB/4 is more resistant to moisture than OSB/3, this does not mean that the panel is waterproof. SMARTPLY accepts no liability for any damage or loss of strength caused by prolonged water exposure during the construction process, or during the service life of the product

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Oriented Strand Boards - OSB

We supply high-quality OSB sheeting at affordable prices to retail or trade customers and deliver them to anywhere in Ireland. Top quality Smartply OSB sheets are strong, versatile, ideal for timber frame and construction projects with large spans, and have improved moisture resistance and high load-bearing capacity. OSB boards from SmartPly are a good choice because they are made from fast-growing, renewable wood sources. They are also manufactured using a low-waste process, which means that very little wood is wasted during production. 

OSB boards from SmartPly are a durable, versatile, and sustainable option for a wide range of construction and woodworking projects. Whether you are building a new home, renovating an existing structure, or creating a custom piece of furniture, OSB boards from SmartPly are worth considering.