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Noyeks Newmans supplies Losan Benelux acoustic panels, veneer layons, veneered panels, melamine-faced chipboards, melamine-faced MDF, raw chipboards and edge-glued panels. These sheet materials are perfect to be used in the furniture industry or in the wood distribution trade. Contact our team to find out more about Losan Benelux sheet materials.

Veneered Panel Products

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05006 LOSAN BENELUX - Hotán® Harmony Acoustic Panel - Staccato
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05009 LOSAN BENELUX - Hotán® Harmony Acoustic Panel - Walnut
05011 LOSAN BENELUX - Hotán® Harmony Acoustic Panel - Oak
05015 LOSAN BENELUX - Hotán® Harmony Acoustic Panel - Black Ash
losanbenflexiblesolutions LOSAN BENELUX - Veneered Flexible Plywood

Sheet Materials From Losan

Losan specialises in crafting bespoke sheet material acoustic panels, catering to customers seeking warm, high-end designs and sustainably created interiors. Elevate your space with our interior wall paneling, decorative wood panels, and oak wall panels, each designed to bring warmth, beautiful texture, and a classic appearance. Choose oak for a cozy ambiance, or opt for walnut to infuse a unique character and luxurious feel. These sound-absorbing panels not only enhance aesthetics but also provide acoustic comfort, reducing noise and promoting a calming atmosphere. Designers, developers and architects will also like the new acoustic wall panels.