14mm - Kronoswiss Grand Selection Authentic

Noyeks - Laminate Floors From Kronoswiss - Supplier - Ireland - Aquastop

The Extra Long, 14mm Thick Plank!

The GRAND SELECTION AUTHENTIC collection of laminate floors from Kronoswiss is true and faithful in the way that it renders the chosen oak tones naturally and genuinely. The laminate floors from the Grand Selection range appeal to customers thanks to their excellent resilience (abrasion resistance: class AC 5/33), as well as scratch and impact resistance, colour fastness and antistatic properties. Laminate floors supplied by Noyeks Newmans guarantee an excellent price/performance ratio – not only in terms of price, but also installation, care and maintenance.

Enhanced Water Resistance - Up To 72h

Thanks to its low swelling HDF base board and the Aquastop technology, this extraordinary floor exhibits twice the water resistance of conventional laminate flooring.
Application areas: bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, offices, hotel, business shops
Abrasion class: AC5/cl. 33
Format: 14mm * 1845mm * 244mm
Core board: Low swelling/Water-resistant Q7-HDF

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