Skirting Boards

We stock a great selection of skirting boards and architraves which are designed to cover the lowest part of your interior walls and elevate your room scheme. A variety of shapes and colours like white, walnut, oak and grey can match different flooring decors. Upgrade the way your interiors look by picking new skirting boards from us. Browse through our extensive range of skirtings or visit one of our showrooms in Dublin Finglas & Ballymount or Tralee to find out more!

Skirting Boards & Architraves

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56025 BEVELLED - White Primed MR MDF Skirting 18mm 144mm 4400mm
56026 BEVELLED - White Primed MR MDF Skirting 18mm 119mm 4400mm
56032 OGEE - White Primed MR MDF Skirting 18mm 144mm 4400mm
56033 OGEE - White Primed MR MDF Skirting 18mm 119mm 4400mm
mastersamwrapskM489 SAM WRAP - Chamfered Skirting Board
masterSAMZEROOgeeskirting SAM ZERO - Ogee Skirting Board 145x18
masterSAMZEROshakerskirting SAM ZERO Shaker - Skirting Board 145x18
masterSAMZEROsp601skirting SAM ZERO SP601 - Skirting Board 145x18
masterSAMZEROS22145x18 SAM ZERO S22 - Skirting Board 145x18
41847a STUDIO GREY - Grey Shaker Skirting Board 144x18 - Pack 5 x 3.6M
41848a STUDIO WALNUT - Walnut Shaker Skirting Board 144x18 - Pack 5 x 3.6M

A Range Of MDF Skirtings, Mouldings & Architraves

Skirting Boards serve as essential finishing touches to your interior design, offering a variety of colours and shapes to meet the demands of any project. With a durable MDF core and an elegant laminate finish, our skirtings elevate the aesthetics of every room, kitchen, or hallway, setting a high bar for quality looks. Beyond their visual appeal, skirting boards provide both aesthetic and practical benefits, enhancing the overall look and functionality of any space. Explore our collection, featuring MDF skirting boards and a sophisticated laminate finish, to add the perfect touch to your home.

Skirting Boards

Enhance the sophistication of your wood flooring with our top-quality architraves, or mouldings, designed to add a polished or matt finishing touch to any space. Paired with our floor skirtings, you can ensure your interior will be completed both aesthetically and practically. Available in various styles and finishes, such as; full factory finish. Our mouldings also offer moisture-resistant mdf cores. Crafted with precision and detail, these architraves provide a functional and necessary addition to your floors.