De Dietrich Appliances

De Dietrich provides contemporary kitchen appliances with technology enabling anyone to emulate the precision and control of a professional chef. The De Dietrich range of kitchen ovens, induction hobs, decorative hoods or dishwashers delivers sophisticated products, unique design, innovative concepts and genuine versatility to any kitchen setting. Visit one of our showrooms in Dublin Finglas & Ballymount or Tralee to find out more! 

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De Dietrich - Kitchen Appliances

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DVC1434JU DE DIETRICH - Integrated Dishwasher DVC1434JU 60CM
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DPI7888BH DE DIETRICH - Vented Induction Hob 80CM
DPI7650BU DE DIETRICH - Induction Hob 65CM
DPI7870X DE DIETRICH - Induction Hob 80CM
DPI7686XS DE DIETRICH - HoriZone Induction Hob 65CM
DPI7965X DE DIETRICH - HoriZone Induction Hob 93CM
DOP7200BM DE DIETRICH - Pyrolytic Oven DX0
DOP7340X DE DIETRICH - Pyrolytic Oven DX1
DOP7350A DE DIETRICH - Pyrolytic Oven DX1 Absolute Black
DOP8574X DE DIETRICH - Pyrolytic Oven DX2
DKR7580X DE DIETRICH - Combi Steam Oven 45CM
DKR7580A DE DIETRICH - Combi Steam Oven Absolute Black 45CM
DKD7400X DE DIETRICH - Built-In Coffee Machine 45CM
DKD7400A DE DIETRICH - Built-In Coffee Machine Absolute Black 45CM
DME7121X DE DIETRICH - Solo Microwave 38CM
DME7121W DE DIETRICH - Solo Microwave Pure White 38CM
DME7121A DE DIETRICH - Solo Microwave Absolute Black 38CM
DKC7340X DE DIETRICH - Combi Microwave DX1 45CM
DKC7340A DE DIETRICH - Combi Microwave DX1 Absolute Black 45CM
DOP8574A DE DIETRICH - Pyrolytic Oven DX2 Absolute Black
DOP8574W DE DIETRICH - Pyrolytic Oven DX2 Pure White
DOP8574G DE DIETRICH - Pyrolytic Oven DX2 Grey
Products: 124 of 39

Kitchen Appliances - Ovens, Hobs, Fridge Freezers

We supply top quality ovens, induction and gas hobs, extractor fans or fridge freezers. If you are renovating or building a new kitchen, contact our kitchen design team for advice, inspiration and solutions.

Electric Hobs from De Dietrich

High adaptability and flexibility of De Dietrich electric hobs are not the only advantages of these appliances. Design and technology used, allows your culinary brilliance to flow freely every time you are cooking. Cast iron and glass combined with a meticulous copper finish will make every second in the kitchen a pure joy.

Induction Hobs from De Dietrich

A selection of widths from 65 to 93 cm allows De Dietrich induction hobs to fit into any kitchen installation project. The innovative nature of the brand assures that products are created by master craftsmen and turned into a sophisticated collection.

Air Venting Hobs from De Dietrich

2 in 1 - this is the best way to describe De Dietrich vented hobs. Quiet downdraft extraction system filters steam and in case of a spill - a big 2L anti-overflow safety tank will take care of it. The futuristic design of this kitchen appliance makes a breathtaking result when installed in your new kitchen.

Gas Hobs from De Dietrich

De Dietrich excellence is visible in classic kitchen designs - gas hobs from this brand fit perfectly in these settings. The fusion of materials and textures makes an appliance fit even in modern designs. Years of expertise allowed De Dietrich to manufacture, process and deliver the complete product - just to you.

Combi Ovens from De Dietrich

Combi ovens are a merge between regular oven and steamer. The versatility of these kitchen appliance products speaks for itself. The perfect balance of functionality and design will blend into your kitchen instantly.

Extractor Hoods from De Dietrich

To complete a design of your new kitchen you need to pick your extractor hood. That is where De Dietrich comes with functional boxes or vertical hoods. Available in a variety of colours: black, platinum, white or iron grey - check selection above!