Kitchen Sinks Ireland

Kitchen sinks from Pyramis are a great choice for contemporary and classic kitchens or pantries. Our extensive range offers single and one-and-a-half bowl models in the following colour options: black, white, grey and beige. Find the perfect sink from the range of Pyramis kitchen products that are available below. Ask our Sales Team about lead times and stock availability.

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62015 PYRAMIS - Double Bowl Double Drainer Sink
62380 PYRAMIS - Alazia Black Composite Single Bowl Sink
62381 PYRAMIS - Alazia White Composite Single Bowl Sink
62383 PYRAMIS - Alazia Grey Composite Single Bowl Sink
62382 PYRAMIS - Alazia Beige Composite Single Bowl Sink
62384 PYRAMIS - Alazia Black Composite 1.5 Bowl Sink
62385 PYRAMIS - Alazia Grey Composite 1.5 Bowl Sink
62386 PYRAMIS - Alazia White Composite 1.5 Bowl Sink
62387 PYRAMIS - Alazia Beige Composite 1.5 Bowl Sink

Composite Sinks From Pyramis

Composite sinks are made from resins mixed with quartz or granite under high heat. The process creates a hard-wearing, durable and non-porous surface that can be a stylish addition to your kitchen. Silver ions used in a composition of Pyramis sinks provide protection against bacteria and make the surface suitable to come in contact with food. Find the best kitchen sink for you from our manufacturer - Pyramis. Their product functionality comes with a good look.