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Elegant Ambiance

Everything in perfect balance: the classy Contemporary decors conjure up tasteful interiors in which refined living culture can thrive.

These panels’ exquisite surfaces, which perfectly replicate neatly laid, solid-wood boards, exude peace and constancy: floors that can continue to be enjoyed for a long, long time.

VB 1001-Modern Oak

 Modern Oak

VB 1001
VB 1002-Loft Oak

Loft Oak

VB 1002 
VB 1003-Flowing Oak

Flowing Oak

VB 1003 
VB 1004-Fashion Chestnut

Fashion Chestnut

VB 1004 
VB 1005-Present Chestnut

Present Chestnut

VB 1005
VB 1006-Current Oak

Current Oak

VB 1006

Panel: 1380 × 193 × 10 mm – Box: 6 panels · 1.598 m² – Pallet: 56 boxes · 89.49 m²

Use class: 33 · AC5