Through-colour Core Laminates

Polyrey Monochrom Vibration Collection is inspired by nature and the power of the elements, Monochrom Vibration reinvents nuances of black and white, while playing on contrasts, decors and textures. The aesthetic quality of Monochrom brings out the magic of the material and the way it feels. This makes it perfect for prestigious projects, designer spaces and furniture, reception areas, and more for graphic effects and pure lines.

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masterpolyreymonoB188BlancNév POLYREY - B188 Blanc Névé - Touch
masterpolyreymonofusionB189 POLYREY - B189 Blanc Cristal - Fusion
masterpolyreymonoepimatB189 POLYREY - B189 Blanc Cristal - Epimat
masterpolyreymonofaB189 POLYREY - B189 Blanc Cristal - Fa
masterpolyreymonofaB170Blan POLYREY - B170 Blanc Absolu - Fa
masterpolyreymonocuirB170 POLYREY - B170 Blanc Absolu - Cuir
masterpolyreymonobrillantB170 POLYREY - B170 Blanc Absolu - Brillant
masterpolyreymonorocheB170 POLYREY - B170 Blanc Absolu - Roche
masterpolyreymonolegnoB170 POLYREY - B170 Blanc Absolu - Legno
masterpolyreymonoG114Givre POLYREY - G114 Givre - Brillant
masterpolyreymonobrillG175 POLYREY - G175 Gris Absolu - Brillant
masterpolyreymonofaG175 POLYREY - G175 Gris Absolu - Fa
masterpolyreymonofusionG175 POLYREY - G175 Gris Absolu - Fusion
masterpolyreymonoG176GrisMyst POLYREY - G176 Gris Mystic - Touch
masterpolyreymonoC166Calacatt POLYREY - C166 Calacatta - Fa
masterpolyreymonoS114Silva POLYREY - S114 Silva - Fa
masterpolyreymonofaN105Noir POLYREY - N105 Noir Absolu - Fa
masterpolyreymonobrillantN105No POLYREY - N105 Noir Absolu - Brillant
masterpolyreymonorocheN105No POLYREY - N105 Noir Absolu - Roche
masterpolyreymonoepimatN105No POLYREY - N105 Noir Absolu - Epimat
masterpolyreymonolegnoN105No POLYREY - N105 Noir Absolu - Legno
masterpolyreymonocuirN105No POLYREY - N105 Noir Absolu - Cuir
masterpolyreymonofusionN105No POLYREY - N105 Noir Absolu - Fusion
masterpolyreymonoN110NoirSidé POLYREY - N110 Noir Sidéral - Touch
Products: 124 of 28