Marine Plywood Class 3 Glue Full Exterior, Exterior Chinese Plywood Class 2 Glue CE2+, Veneered, Film faced, Flexible, Laser, Elliotis Pine, Russian birch Class 3 Glue Full Exterior

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  • RUSSIAN BIRCH - Plywood

    Russian Birch Ply - it is a high quality plywood with Class 3 Glue certification.

    Russian Birch Throughout Plywood Export GHOST 10.55-71 and/or 3916.1-96  EN636-1 & EN314-2 certified

    Application: It can be used externally because of the Class 3 Glue certification. It is ideal for painting and lacquering of good quality furniture. Russian birch ply is also used in manufacturing.

    Standard stocked ply is 2440x1220mm in size (long grain),and there are also large sheets available 1525x3050mm (cross grain) for special order.

  • MARINE Plywood

    Marine  Plywood  is  a  high  grade  exterior  plywood with a Class 3 Glue.

    Application: where exposure to water and moisture is constant but not submerged i.e.:

    • internal of cabins  on  boats 
    • exterior  shop  signs

    The core veneers in this plywood are usually thicker than a normal exterior grade. This gives stronger bonding of venners and more resistance to weather. Construction plywoods are not suitable for marine use.

  • VENEERED Plywood

    Available from stock in the following species (3.2mm thickness):

    • Mahogany
    • Red and White Oak
    • Ash
    • Teak
    • Maple
    • Walnut
    • Steamed Beech
    • Cherry and Pine

    Other thicknesses available to order.

  • EXTERIOR Plywood

    Exterior Plywood - hardwood face plywood in 2440mm x 1220mm size

    The plywood consists of outer hardwood veneers and inner popular veneers with a Class 2 Exterior Glue certification. This plywood is not WBP (Weather and Boil Proof) as it is not within Class 3 Glue standards.

    This plywood is for external use where additional protection is needed. Protection  of the edges  in  particular,  where  the  board  is  cut,  must be applied and all  edges  must  be  sealed.

  • SOFTWOOD Plywood

    Softwood Plywood / Elliotis  Ply  C+/C  grade, exterior - This  plywood  is  a  general  construction  plywood  used  in  flooring  and  roofing. The  plywood  is  made  of  Elliotis  pine  veneers with Class 2 Glue certification.