HOTSPOT Titanium ADRIANNA Chrome - 3-in-1 tap for hot, cold, boiling water & 4L heater

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Product features:
3-in-1 tap for hot, cold & boiling water
True boiling water @ 100oC
Child safeguard ‘Intelliprotect’ feature
Water filter included
Patented Titanium tank
No spluttering or steam clouds
Robust filtration to remove limescale
5 year warranty

3-in-1 boiling water taps supply normal hot and cold water, plus instant
filtered boiling water from one single spout. The hot and cold water can
both be controlled with a standard mixer, the instant filtered boiling water
is controlled with ‘IntelliProtect®’ activation button.

In no time:
Cup of tea or coffee
Large pans of filtered boiling water for pasta
Baby bottles and dummies purified
Baking trays degreased


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Why Titanium Taps?

No corrosion, no taste influence

Lifetime corrosion warranty

Used for medical purposes

Patented safety system


Tap details:

Height: 330 mm
Width: 166 mm
Depth: 208 mm
Tap hole: Ø 35 mm
Swivel spout: 160°
Intelliprotect®: Yes