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HEALTHGUARD - DeskGuard 600 Protective Screen

The HealthGuard System works by placing a clear plastic protective barrier between employees and customers suitable for many applications, from retail counter screens to protective units for desk tops and table top environments.


Key Features:

  • Desktop Solution – for use where staff sit behind a counter to interact with others
  • Standard unit has a 300mm base & 600mm high (other sizes by special order)
  • Width – 600mm (other sizes by special order)
  • Units are flat packed for easy assemble, no installation needed & no need to interfere with the worktop – units are free standing

Product Benefits:

  • Clear transparent barrier maintains visibility, communication between staff & customers
  • No need for expensive site installation - all units are flat packed for easy tool free assembly on site
  • Product designs are sturdy, free standing & simply sit on your existing countertop
  • If required, units can easily be fixed to counter tops using double sided tape or wood screws
  • High impact plastics used for the top screen – we offer polycarbonate as standard due to it’s high impact resistance and rigidity and clarity, or alternatively PETG plastic, again which is highly impact resistant. 5mm material as standard
  • Vinyl graphic included with each unit – this can be customised to customer branding if required
  • Variety of options included on the timber base, from white to colours or woodgrain finishes
  • HealthGuard is a broad product range not limited to one application. We offer a range of sizes & units
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Health Guard Protective Screens against the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus)