Designer Parquet & Herringbone Flooring

Discover our wide selection of Herringbone, Chevron and Designer Parquet floors. Herringbone wood flooring is one of the most popular patterns and is very much on trend in irish interior design and give an extra edge of elegance. If you are working on your renovation project and looking for modern and classic wood floors then browse through our website, get inspired by the beauty, elegance and timelessness of Noyeks Newmans wood flooring! Don`t forget to visit one of our showrooms in Dublin Finglas & Ballymount or Tralee to find out more about wood floors! 

Herringbone - Chevron Floors & Parquet Tiles

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19536 TEKA VILLA - European Oak Versailles Panels 14mm - 390mm - 390mm
  • Buy: €59.99 m2
19457 TEKA POMEROL - Herringbone European Oak 110mm - 15/3mm - 550mm
  • Buy: €55.99 m2
19473 TEKA POMEROL - Herringbone European Oak
  • Buy: €39.99 m2
19498 TEKA LUNA - Herringbone European Oak
  • Buy: €46.99 m2
19534 TEKA VENICE - Herringbone European Oak 110mm - 15/3mm - 550mm
  • Buy: €59.99 m2
19461 TEKA VENICE - Herringbone European Oak 110mm - 15/3mm - 660mm
  • Buy: €49.99 m2
19350 YVYRA - UNICO - Cierzo Oak Herringbone Flooring 125mm 14/3mm 625mm
  • Buy: €69.99 m2
19157 OAK PURE - Herringbone
  • Buy: €69.99 m2
19063 KRONOSWISS - Alcazar Knotty Oak Herringbone Laminate
19064 KRONOSWISS - Kyburg Blonde Oak Herringbone Laminate
19466 TEKA VENICE - Herringbone European Oak
  • Buy: €49.99 m2
19164 OAK PURE CHEVRON - Wood Flooring

Wood Floors For Residential & Commercial Areas

At Noyeks Newmans, we offer a wide range of parquet tiles and herringbone flooring in a variety of decors, shades and thicknesses to make sure there is an affordable wood flooring style to suit everyone's needs and design preferences; including the stylish grey oak herringbone flooring, solid wood parquet flooring, or the light oak herringbone flooring. Contact our sales team to get a quote or visit our flooring stores in Dublin and Tralee to see samples and learn more about the wood flooring we supply. Explore our diverse selection to find the perfect parquet or herringbone flooring to enhance your space.

Herringbone & Chevron Parquet Flooring

Discover beautiful wood floors from Noyeks Newmans - we offer an extensive range of herringbone flooring products and following trends we have also added the new options on the market - herringbone laminate and chevron pattern floor boards. Mentioned solutions in wood are ideal for interior designers and architects, just perfect to be used in bigger spaces. It is both: the classic design and the contemporary look at once. Browse through our selection from Swisskrono, Yvyra or Teka - you won't be able to resist their amazing parquet tiles - contact us so we can get them for you!

Engineered Wood Flooring

Discover our beautiful, elegant and timeless range of engineered wood floors. Our wooden floors are available from stock or via special order. The engineered floors are ideal to highlight bespoke residential and commercial interior design projects. Visit one of our showrooms in Dublin Finglas & Ballymount or Tralee to find out more! Contact our sales team to find out more about availability and lead times. We supply and deliver to anywhere in Ireland.