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Joe Costello has been dealing with my request and has been extremely helpful. In the first instance he called me in response to the e-mail request that I had submitted and he also followed up with an email response confirming items discussed in our conversation. Any further information that I was looking for was provided within a day of the request.

I have been looking for the same information from other suppliers and have been shocked at the non response to any request for information or indeed prices for materials. It would seem that most suppliers either have monkeys checking their e-mails or are doing so well in sales that any email request is just seen as a nuisance.

My request for information was in respect to WBP plywood and I am delighted at the information and prices provided to me. I had recently purchased some "Certified" 12mm WBP from a supplier in Limerick. Having had it cut down into smaller parts I was appalled at the quality and could not believe that someone could honestly have certified the material as suitable for purpose.

Looking forward to doing business with Noyeks

P. Mc D.

Thanks for the great service. Keith (Noyeks Ballymount) got in touch and was very helpful. He provided information on worktops along with quotes. Since then we have had delivery and are delighted with the product. It's perfect - just what we were looking for. The price was right too as it was what the budget could stand. I have also ordered a sink which we'll collect shortly.

All in all, absolutely delighted with the service.

Many thanks


Good morning Albert,

I was very satisfied will all dealing with your company, responses were complete and timely.

I am now taking time to consider my options.

Thank you for your mail

Best regards


Dear Albert,

I was more than happy with the service from your team, both Finglas and Ballymount. Keith Farrelly was dealing with me and provided me with all the details I required.

I will absolutely be giving my business to Noyeks. Many many thanks for your lovely email, keep up the good work.

And a very good pat on the back for Keith, well deserved, very hard to get good service now a days .

Kind regards